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Join the Revolution of Modern Psychiatry: A Call-to-Action for All Mental Health Clinicians 

Are current psychiatric medications not working for your patients? Are you ready to give your patients real solutions that could provide lasting recovery from mental health disorders? Join the revolution of modern psychiatry now! 

It’s time we address the ineffective treatment model for mental health, not just skyrocketing rates of mental illness.

Modern psychiatry is often considered the only solution for our current mental health crisis. However, conventional psychiatry relies heavily on prescribing medications for symptoms, and outcomes for patient recovery are poor. Worse yet, medication side effects can be debilitating, and there are no approved medications for many mental health disorders.

It’s clear that more prescriptions are not the answer. A new treatment approach is necessary. (I gave a webinar about this that you may view here for free.)

There’s a better way to do mental health care.

I’ve been a board-certified child and adult psychiatrist for over 30 years. The inadequacies of conventional psychiatry ultimately inspired me to pursue a more comprehensive paradigm–one that not only acknowledges the role of biology in mental illness, but recognizes the importance of genetics, nutrition, trauma, lifestyle, and spirituality.

Evidence confirms the clear associations between these factors and every major psychiatric illness—from depression, ADHD, and schizophrenia, to eating disorders, anxiety, and dementia.

This led me to functional psychiatry, an integrated approach to mental health that honors the delicate connections and balance between brain, body, and psyche. Medications can be part of functional psychiatry protocols, but rarely are the sole treatment modality.

Functional and integrative medicine has the potential to revolutionize mental health care, transform psychiatry into a truly personalized medicine, and finally deliver lasting wellness to our patients.

By recognizing and treating each person’s unique internal imbalances and biochemistry, outcomes can be dramatically improved. This is why I founded Psychiatry Redefined – to provide education in a functional medicine approach to mental health care for clinicians.

Our 12-month fellowship in integrative psychiatry provides the most comprehensive, convenient, practical, valuable, and cost-effective training available in this approach to mental health.

Along with over three hours of direct discussion, questions, and case reviews with faculty each month, the program offers:

  • Live group supervision sessions held twice a month to review corresponding online courses and curriculum
  • Monthly faculty office hours for more questions and case discussion
  • Access to all of our online courses, conference recordings, and webinars
  • 60+ CME credits
  • Complimentary access to all online seminars, conferences, and intensive programs
  • Membership in our private listserv/Google group for peer and faculty support and collaboration

Learn more about our fellowship program here. You can also attend an upcoming discovery webinar with me in January, or schedule a private call with me to find out if the fellowship is right for you. Curious to hear what the program is like? Read what current and past fellows have to say about the program.

We need more clinicians who are ready to provide their patients with new solutions and potential for real recovery using a functional and integrative approach to mental health care. We feel this is a critical educational opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Are you ready to join the revolution of modern psychiatry? Join the movement and enroll now  

I hope to see you in the new year!

Yours in health,

James Greenblatt, MD

Ready to apply functional medicine in your practice?
Ready to improve patient outcomes?

Learn more about the 2023 Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship below!

Master the functional medicine skills to help your patients find lasting wellness and balance. Learn the latest diagnostic protocols and clinical tools to apply immediately in your practice. Discover how to create treatment plans that address infections, toxins, genetics, lifestyle, and other biomarkers. Plus, train and collaborate regularly with renowned experts in the field.

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