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I started my journey into Functional Psychiatry seven years ago and had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr. Greenblatt’s method at that time. His work completely transformed my practice and I have benefited tremendously from his over 30 years of clinical experience and wisdom. With the creation of the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship, I was excited to find that not only are all of his teachings centralized in an easy-to-access platform, but also a network of like-minded professionals can gather from across the world who are just as passionate about this work, and dedicated to seeing a positive shift in the field of psychiatry. I cannot recommend this fellowship enough, and really believe this will be essential training for the generations of psychiatrists to come.

– Muneer Ali, MD (Psychiatrist)

The PR Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship provided the structure and resources to strengthen the foundation for my evidence-based integrative psychiatry practice. After obtaining certifications in integrative medicine and clinical nutrition, and completing several additional trainings, I was able to refine my skills and apply my knowledge most directly to the treatment of psychiatric disorders through this fellowship. The format of the fellowship allowed me to easily attend the lectures and group supervisions while still attending to my clinical practice. Dr. Greenblatt is readily available to the fellows and is genuinely invested in the training; I greatly appreciated his steady presence throughout the fellowship and his ongoing generous mentorship.

– Marisa Serrato, MD (Psychiatrist), FAPA, ABIHM, CCN

Psychiatry Redefined has provided the essential teaching and scaffolding I need to provide functional psychiatric assessment and treatment to the care of my patients. This program places a high priority on providing training that is evidence-based and clinically supported, combined with easily accessible ongoing supervision and mentorship. I highly recommend the Fellowship training for mental health practitioners that are interested in providing integrative psychiatric care!

– Gabrielle Taylor, MD (Psychiatrist)

I highly recommend the PR Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship. The content covers biochemical factors, assessments and options for integrative treatment for mental health conditions. Dr. Greenblatt has worked with integrative psychiatry for years and continues to collaborate with other leaders in this growing area of psychiatry. The support from Dr. Greenblatt, as well as providers who have completed the fellowship, is an ongoing benefit. Completion of this fellowship allowed me to begin work in an integrative clinic. I am finding the work much more rewarding as I see patients realizing a more robust outcome in their treatments. I highly recommend this program.

– Dee Alleckson, PMHNP

I have gotten so much out of this fellowship and continue to learn new material through the excellent webinars and conferences. The supervision sessions are always worthwhile. The private listserv gives us a site to post clinical questions and concerns, and replies are prompt, often by several fellows and Dr. Greenblatt. The community and the course content that this fellowship has provided for me has been invaluable. I highly recommend.

– Cherie Elfenbein, MD

Psychiatry Redefined’s Fellowship program has provided me with the ability and confidence to offer person-centered care to my patients. With the functional medicine approach that I honed in this program, I now feel that I can more completely meet my patient’s needs. This approach was useful in creating change for patients who had struggled to make progress (with a functional medicine approach). It has made me a more confident provider and I know my clients have appreciated the results. I would recommend this program for any provider hoping to offer a more robust and well-rounded approach to client care.

– Rachel Egan, NP

“I just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I am with the Fellowship. I have found the lectures,  journal articles and recent conference to be full of new, exciting information. Most importantly, the way the training has been presented, with the supporting research, helps me feel confident as I work in a traditional style family medicine clinic. Each time I sit down to work on my studies, I am challenged, invigorated and excited. I am also hopeful, for myself, my own children and my patients that there are solid options beyond only medication. I have been humbled, even new in my training, when talking with patients challenged with ADHD, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. We are both typically a bit tearful because they feel heard and hopeful, not always an interaction they’ve had previously. I’m typically pretty quiet during our supervision but I’m listening,  absorbing and immensely grateful for this opportunity.”

– Kendra Darnell, NP

I have worked in and around psychiatry for over 20 years and knew that I needed to look elsewhere when the quoted remission rate for antidepressants was less than 40%. Thus, began my integrative education, and the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship was a deeper dive into the literature and actual cases. I have many patients who have successfully transitioned off pharmaceuticals and some who never needed a pharmaceutical. It takes a detective archetype to do this work but it is very gratifying. I highly recommend this fellowship for anyone who isn’t afraid to move beyond the basic formulas and treat the entire patient. I know it elevated my practice, and I continue to learn via the work group communication. A big thank you to Dr. Greenblatt, the staff and the participants willing to share their cases and successes.

– Denise Drake, PMHNP-BC

Dr. Greenblatt, I want to take an opportunity to say thank you for developing this fellowship. I have learned a lot and continue to incorporate the learning into my practice. It has helped broaden my understanding of incorporating orthomolecular treatments. You have been very accessible to the fellowship with prompt responses. Above all I am grateful to the level of compassion you bring to our community. I look forward to hearing more from you and what additional opportunities you may be able to provide.

– Laurie B. Teal, NPP

“I highly recommend investing in the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship. The data presented by Dr Greenblatt and his guests are professionally researched and scientifically validated. The course is very thorough and wide in scope and distills a large number of published studies into therapeutic tools to better diagnose and guide natural treatments in mental health. I deeply appreciated being part of a group of peers who are pioneering new modalities in integrative psychiatry. The sharing of clinical pearls and case studies among us has been very enriching.”

– Angela Berry Koch, MS

It’s been amazing to have live access to Dr. Greenblatt twice per month and throughout the month. It makes such a difference to review tough case questions and functional labs together. There’s nothing else out there like this, with total emphasis on the real-life clinical applications of functional medicine for mental health. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist with a focus on nutrition for mental health, it means a lot to me to have this kind of support from a seasoned expert.

– Jill Sheppard Davenport, MS, MPP, CNS, LDN

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