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It’s time to change our approach to mental health care.

Traditional psychiatry focuses on symptom reduction and management, and a “medication-first” approach. As a result, too many patients are misdiagnosed as treatment-resistant, with many never finding adequate care. Patients are desperately searching for alternative, whole-person treatments. If you are thinking to yourself “there must be a better way to treat my mental health patients!” – you are correct.

There is a more effective, evidence-based model of treatment that we teach at Psychiatry Redefined: a comprehensive paradigm based on functional medicine, integrative psychiatry and precision medicine. Functional and integrative psychiatry is changing the landscape of mental health treatment by addressing the underlying causes of mental illness.

We are here to help you navigate the complexities of functional and precision psychiatry, and train you on how to incorporate these approaches into daily practice for your patients. Learn more about functional and integrative psychiatry below, and how we can support your clinical goals.

Mariela Podolski MD
“When we combine what we know as psychiatrists, with the roots of the problem – which typically are a combination of genetics, biological, and environmental factors – we have better outcomes. I can tell you, I’m no longer bored with my job. I love what I do. I do it very well, and I have better patient satisfaction than I ever did before, because my patients do get better. We want other people to join what we’re doing, to learn about us, and to learn that this is the moment we can change and treat patients better.”

– Mariela Podolski, MD, Psychiatry Redefined Faculty

What is Functional & Integrative Psychiatry?

An integrative and functional approach to mental health is a whole-person, precision medicine approach to care. This approach targets the root causes of mental illness and the underlying biochemistry affecting the brain and behavior (precision psychiatry). With functional medicine testing, we can identify and treat a patient’s unique deficiencies and imbalances, providing them with more effective treatment and the chance to finally heal. The functional and integrative approaches we teach are meant to enhance traditional psychiatric treatment, and can be used in conjunction with medication, rather than relying solely on medication. However, oftentimes, functional and integrative approaches can eliminate the need for medication entirely.

Why is Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Important?

Functional and integrative psychiatry focuses on personalized and root-cause treatment, rather than merely managing symptoms or medications. This is essential for the field and future of mental health care: there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to treating any medical condition – why should psychiatry be any different? This precise and comprehensive approach empowers you to tailor patient interventions to each individual for optimal outcomes and relief, while actively raising the standards in mental health care. Precision psychiatry is the future of mental health care.

Getting Started in Functional & Integrative Psychiatry

  • Where can I learn more?
  • What kind of training exists in functional psychiatry?
  • Where can I find other like-minded providers?
  • How do I build a functional practice?

We are often asked by clinicians how they can apply precision and integrative psychiatry into their practice. We encourage you to explore our Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship led by functional pioneer and expert, James Greenblatt, MD, as it provides the optimal clinical foundation to get you started. In this Fellowship, you’ll gain a supportive team of faculty, peers and community mentors all dedicated to helping you learn and apply personalized, functional and precision medicine with your patients. Through online and live instruction, we’ll carefully work with you to develop the skills to accurately diagnose, analyze and resolve the underlying causes of mental illness.

Our Fellowship faculty teaches patient care based on clinical experience; they’ll distill the most important clinical concepts to use in daily practice, and guide you month-by-month on how to create individual treatment plans for various mental health conditions. And with their mentorship, you’ll gain essential practice management strategies to help you build a thriving practice.

Plus, you’ll join a dedicated community of peers and mentors to support your study and success. You’ll get two years of faculty-led live discussions, community support and feedback on real patient cases, ongoing peer collaboration, and a network of global resources. Past Fellows repeatedly say that the faculty and community interaction is the most valuable part of the Fellowship, and enrolling was the best decision they ever made for their practice.

Ready to apply functional and integrative approaches with your patients?

Book a private call with Dr. James Greenblatt to determine if our online Fellowship is right for you, and to learn more about available scholarships.

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Why Psychiatry Redefined?

Changing the approach to mental health care treatment begins with practical, science-backed practitioner education in root cause and precision medicine.

We are that village of change.

Led by renowned functional expert, Dr. James Greenblatt, Psychiatry Redefined is an educational institution offering the most comprehensive continuing education in precision psychiatry, and functional and integrative medicine for mental health. In the dynamic landscape of mental health care, we understand that navigating the world of functional and integrative psychiatry can be overwhelming. That is why we take a hands-on approach in our Fellowship to guide you through our comprehensive curriculum with live faculty discussions monthly, and a supportive, interactive community of peers and mentors. This effective methodology has yielded incredible results.

  • 95% report that patients are more satisfied with care since applying interventions from the Fellowship
  • 95% report that the Fellowship has made them more confident providers
  • 90% report improved patient outcomes since enrolling in the Fellowship

Our educational mission is to provide extensive precision psychiatry training to as many providers as possible – and positively transform as many patient lives as possible with whole-person care. By fostering a collaborative learning environment, we can all play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of mental health care.

The Fellowship in Functional & Integrative Psychiatry

The Most Comprehensive, Cost-Effective & Scientific Professional Training Available

The Fellowship in Functional & Integrative Psychiatry offers the most comprehensive, hands-on training in functional medicine. Through this training, you’ll learn precision medicine strategies to help you diagnose root causes, expand how you provide psychiatric care, and deliver lasting wellness to patients. It is designed specifically for mental health providers including psychiatrists, nurses and nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, psychologists, naturopaths, and nutritionists.

The Fellowship is a one-year training that offers over 300+ learning hours of curriculum, led and developed by renowned experts in the field. You’ll discover care interventions to address the causes and triggers of mental illness, such as imbalances, infections, toxins, genetics, lifestyle, hormones, key biomarkers and more. From online courses and exclusive webinars, to special lectures and conference presentations, our content is practical, science-backed, and easy to access anytime, from any device.

Join the movement to transform mental health care and enroll in our Fellowship today!

Enroll in the Fellowship Today!

Fellowship Success Stories

Our Fellowship will completely transform your practice and approach to mental health care.

Hear how the Fellowship is changing the lives of providers and patients across the globe and read testimonials from our Fellows.

“His [Dr. Greenblatt’s] work completely transformed my practice and I have benefited tremendously from his over 30 years of clinical experience and wisdom. I cannot recommend this fellowship enough, and really believe this will be essential training for the generations of psychiatrists to come.”
– Muneer Ali, MD

“To anyone considering taking the Fellowship, I encourage you to consider the fact that this is where medicine is going. This is the frontier, where patients are going to want precision medicine… they’re going to want integrative treatments. And this is the language you’re going to want to speak. Invest in your ability to keep up with that frontier and be at the cutting-edge of where mental health is going.”
– Lachlan Crawford, ND

“This provided the essential teaching and scaffolding I needed to provide functional psychiatric assessment and treatment. It places a high priority on providing training that is evidence-based and clinically supported, combined with easily accessible ongoing supervision and mentorship.”
– Gabrielle Taylor, MD

“I feel more confident that I’m offering my patients a better approach – the best, really – and I can make my approach more scientific and accurate. My results really changed with my patients. If you are considering doing the Fellowship, you have to do it. 100 percent. This is going to give you all the tools you need to improve your clinical practice.”
– Patricia Madrigal, MD

Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship Basics


Learn how to treat root causes of mental illness with functional, integrative and precision medicine interventions; and create treatment plans to target imbalances, infections, toxins, genetics, lifestyle, hormones, and other key biomarkers.


Mental health providers such as psychiatrists, clinicians, nurses and nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists, naturopathic doctors, family physicians, pediatricians, and nutritionists


Combined live and recorded online curriculum featuring 30+ courses, 50+ webinars, dozens of conference lectures and special presentations. Self-paced study. Accessible from any device.


Yes; 50+ hours of live faculty guidance and mentoring from over 15 faculty members comprised of world-renowned clinical authorities. Includes regular faculty-led group and testing supervisions, and office hours.


Program fee: $6,000. Learn more about plans here.


Yes; student discount and scholarships are available for those who qualify.


Yes; this program is certified, and provides a Certified Provider status and a Certificate of Completion.


64 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™


300+ learning hours and 50+ faculty supervision/mentoring hours


12 months


2 years


Enrolling now for the Summer 2024 (July 2024 – June 2025) session. Enrollment closes July 31, 2024.