Psychiatry Redefined

Psychiatry Redefined is an educational platform and clinical toolset dedicated to the advancement of the field of integrative psychiatry. Offering books, professional courses and mentoring opportunities, Psychiatry Redefined invites patients and practitioners to re-explore treatment and prevention options for mental illness through an evidence-based model of personalized treatment.

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Applying Integrative Medicine

Incidence rates of mental and neurologic illnesses worldwide are increasing, and current suicide rates are unprecedented. While the numbers grow, mainstream psychiatry continues to adhere to outdated therapeutic models focused on symptoms, not causes. We can do better. The science through which clinicians can revolutionize the standard of psychiatric care is available. The application of integrative medicine approaches can move clinicians beyond symptoms and address causes, targeting the biologic abnormalities and imbalances from which disordered brain function, cognition, and behavior arise. A new paradigm, informed by research and objective measurement, Psychiatry Redefined, provides families, patients, and clinicians with hope for recovery and healing.

We Can Do Better.


Our mental health system and traditional models of treatment are limited and continue to fail patients time and time again.
Psychiatry Redefined has designed several courses for mental health professionals who are ready to help patients minimize reliance on medication and utilize other science-backed and proven tools to lead happier, healthier lives.

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Achieving better mental health begins with education. Dr. Greenblatt shares his experience and expertise about integrative therapies for a number of different diseases, disorders, and challenges. These books are for the reader interested in learning about other treatment options that are out there. Topics include ADHD, Alzheimer’s, eating disorders, and more.

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A unique opportunity for healthcare providers, the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship offers professional-level training in integrative functional psychiatry. Integrating online coursework and focused small-group instruction, it provides a personalized educational experience for those seeking to apply functional medicine theory and protocol into effective clinical practice.

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