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Course Overview

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium. It is transmitted by the Ixodes tick and can generate multisystem complaints, particularly involving the nervous system. This is further complicated by the presence of tick-borne coinfections such as Babesia and Bartonella. It is now appreciated that these tick-borne infections often cause a host of psychiatric issues. In fact, neuropsychiatric complaints can dominate the clinical picture.

This lecture will describe the mental health disorders associated with these infections, describe their pathogenesis, and outline the clinical manifestations that lead a practitioner to suspect an underlying organic etiology. This lecture will also detail the best way to test for Lyme disease.

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About Dan Kinderlehrer, MD

Daniel Kinderlehrer, MD, is a nationally recognized physician with expertise in the fields of nutrition, allergy, environmental medicine, Lyme disease, and the healing of mind-body-spirit as a unified whole. He co-founded The New England Center for Holistic Medicine in Newbury, Massachusetts, and has taught extensively, including practitioner training courses at the Omega Institute, The National Institute of Behavioral Medicine, and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. He created and organized the Lyme Fundamentals course which is presented annually at the International Lyme and Associated Diseases conferences. He is the author of several review articles in medical journals and the Lyme Times. His integrated medical practice in Denver, Colorado, focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne disease.

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