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Join Dr. James Greenblatt as he explores the etiology and pathophysiology of chronic irritability, anger, & aggression, demonstrated by research to be prognostic of treatment outcomes and thus key targets of functional psychiatry interventions.  This two-module course also examines non-suicidal self-injury, serious behavioral presentations often indicative of biochemical imbalances impacting brain function.  Viewers will learn a functional medicine approach to testing and treatment that prioritizes these serious symptoms in order to optimize therapeutic outcomes.

Module 1

  1. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  2. Elucidating the Nutrient-Behavior Connection
  3. Hypoglycemia and Aggression: The “Hangry” Phenomenon
    1. Insulin, glucose level, and mood
    2. Toxic hunger
    3. Sugar, neural activation, and addiction
    4. Added sugars in the US diet
    5. Key nutrient depletions
  4. Essential Lipids: Cholesterol
    1. Cholesterol: functions in neuronal health, neurotransmission
    2. Cholesterol deficiency, aggression, and violence
    3. Low cholesterol and drug addiction
    4. Suicidality
  5. Essential Lipids: Fatty Acids
    1. EFA depletion, depression, and suicide
  6. Amino Acids and Protein
    1. Essential amino acids
    2. Acute tryptophan depletion: what it tells. us about amino acids and aggression
    3. Exogenous and endogenous factors in amino acid depletion
  7. Heavy Metal Toxicity
    1. Lead
    2. Copper
    3. The Copper: Zinc Balance
  8. Zinc
    1. Zinc in the central nervous system
    2. Zinc deficiency: behavioral sequelae
  9. Lithium
    1. Neuroprotective effects
    2. Functional lithium deficiency: neurologic and psychiatric ramifications
    3. Lithium for aggression, violence, agitation: the research
    4. Elucidating dosage
  10. CTE & TBI
    1. The new concussion narrative: CTE, aggression, and violence
    2. TBI and suicidality
    3. Clinical indicators of risk: red flags
  11. Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder
  12. Conclusion: Linking Nutrition and Behavior

Module 2

  1. Functional Definitions: What IS irritability and aggression…really
  2. Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and Aggression
    1. Side-effects of antidepressants
    2. Physical violence and adverse drug reactions
    3. Antidepressants and suicidality
    4. Medication Discontinuation Syndrome (MDS)
      1. Biologic abnormalities to look for
  3. Non-Suicidal Self-injury (NSSI)
    1. Definitions, risk factors
    2. Statistics and epidemiology
    3. Presentations and manifestations
    4. The NSSI cycle
    5. Biological considerations
    6. Robust correlation with future suicidality
  4. Self-Harm and Substance Use
    1. Exploring the research
    2. Keys to prevention
    3. Relationships for prevention
  5. NSSI Treatment
    1. Medication for NSSI: contradicting evidence
    2. Meditation for NSSI
  6. The Adolescent Brain: Implications for NSSI, impulsivity
  7. Risk Factors: Internet Use & Social Media
    1. A mixed bag of effects
    2. Self-harm and internet suicide games
    3. Both problem and solution?
  8. Prevention & Early Intervention: Keys
  9. Conclusion: The Functional Psychiatry Model
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