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Stasha Gominak MD
  • Presenter: Stasha Gominak, MD
  • Price: $69
  • Format: 1hr video lecture

Course Overview

Learn how your patients can have more success treating and preventing their headaches, both migraine and other forms of headache, by understanding headache’s link to sleep.

Headache is one of the most common disabling illnesses of young women. Why aren’t there campaigns to ‘’find a cure for headache” like the campaigns to “find a cure for breast cancer”? It’s something that affects millions of people yet we don’t even wonder if headaches might be “curable”. Why not? Curing headaches would change so many lives.

This course will give you a new perspective on how and why headaches occur. Learn about the brainstem anatomy and physiology that inexorably link sleep and headache.  Every person with frequent headaches has a treatable sleep disorder in the background and improved sleep can have a significant impact on headache, making it not just treatable, but curable.

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