Course Description:

Despite having been used medicinally since ancient times, micronutrients have until recently been overshadowed by modern therapies insofar as their clinical applications for psychiatric illness. Physicians who today overlook micronutrients do so to the neglect of powerful research evidence showing that the human body requires a minimum of these substances – vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids – in order to function properly… and that a paucity of certain micronutrients may contribute to the pathophysiology of mental illness.

In this one-module course, Dr. Judith E. Pentz explores the role of micronutrients in mental health through the lens of cutting-edge scientific research, expanding horizons for the treatment of psychiatric and neurologic disorders such as ADHD, OCD and depression. After elucidating current models for the pharmacodynamics of key micronutrients, Dr. Pentz presents research evidence supporting the efficacy of broad-spectrum micronutrient formulas as part of a personalized approach for mental health treatment.

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