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Payment Terms & Conditions

You agree to provide Psychiatry Redefined with a valid credit/debit card to pay for the full price of the Fellowship Program, pending your payment preference.

  1. A one-time, upfront payment of $6,000
  2. Twelve (12) installments of $575/month*, billed monthly in the first 12-months beginning upon enrollment

*Please note: A general enrollment discount is given to those wishing to pay the one-time enrollment fee. Total amounts for the monthly payment plan equates to slightly greater total prices than the one-time program price of $6,000. For those enrolling using the early bird discount for a monthly plan, the discount will be spread across all monthly payments.

Whether you elect to pay for the Fellowship up front or in separate installments you are contractually obligated to pay for the program in full regardless of whether or not you complete the program in its entirety, unless you are granted a refund per the terms of our Refund Policy (below).

If you choose to pay in 12-month installments, the following applies:

  • All monthly payments will be billed within the first 12 months of your Fellowship, beginning with the date of initial enrollment.
  • Your credit/debit card information will be stored securely and your credit card will be billed each month (on a thirty [30] day interval) upon the date of your initial enrollment for a total of twelve (12) payments, depending on your plan.
  • You agree to keep your credit card information active and up-to-date, and to notify us immediately should you need to update your information or register a new card prior to any subsequent installment billing date
  • If any subsequent monthly payment is declined after the first monthly payment, you will be notified by Psychiatry Redefined administrative personnel.
  • Upon two (2) additional unsuccessful payment attempts and/or we do not receive any reply from you within one (1) week of notifying you of the failed payment attempt, your account status will be deemed “past due” and you will lose access to all courses, course materials, and program sessions until the full balance of the outstanding payment is successfully processed in full. Once all outstanding payments are processed your account status will be returned to “active” and program access will be restored.

For inquiries related to billing information update and changes, please contact Heather Getz at hgetz@psychiatryredefined.org.

Certification & Certificate of Completion Policy

Verified completion of all Required Components of the Professional Fellowship is required in order to claim eligibility to receive the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship Certificate of Completion and obtain status as a Psychiatry Redefined Certified Functional Medicine Provider (PRCFMP), along with inclusion into the PR Provider Directory. Required components of the Fellowship include all core curriculum outlined in the syllabus.

  • Fellows may fulfill these completion requirements any time during their 2-years of study.
  • Fellows who have completed all required components may submit a request for a Completion Eligibility Review any time during their 2-year term.
  • Upon receipt of your request, Psychiatry Redefined administration will conduct a review of your online course dashboard activity to verify that you have met all completion requirements as outlined herein. This verification will take approximately one week.
  • After confirming completion of all required program components, the Fellowship Director will provide instructions for obtaining a Certificate and the PRCFMP badge/provider status.

Please note: Psychiatry Redefined is neither a regulatory nor licensing organization and therefore not sanctioned to certify, license, or otherwise bestow the legal authorization to practice as a psychiatrist, nurse or NP, PA, psychologist, nutritionist, physician, or other mental health professional. Certification certifies a candidate’s completion of the Fellowship training only. Nothing about this training is intended to replace, override, or conflict with existing board certification or national licensing requirements for health professionals and their requirements for practice in their state of residency and practice.

For more information, please see the Program Completion/Certification FAQs section of our website.

Refund Policy

We acknowledge that Psychiatry Redefined’s Professional Fellowship is a notable investment in both time and resources, and that the decision to enroll is not one to be taken lightly!

We do offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If after fourteen (14) days you decide that the program is not a fit for you, Psychiatry Redefined will process a refund under the Terms of this Agreement less administrative and payment processing fees subject to the following conditions:

  • Refund Deadline: To be eligible for a refund, you must complete and submit the Refund Request Form within fourteen (14) calendar days of your initial enrollment in the program. For the Refund Request Form, please email Heather Getz at fellowship@psychiatryredefined.org.
  • Registrants who complete and submit a Refund Request form within the first fourteen (14) days of enrollment will be given a full refund minus our transaction fee for processing.


Psychiatry Redefined does not offer refunds on Fellowship program fees after the refund deadline. That said, life happens! We do understand that some registrants may need to pause their participation in the program due to circumstances beyond their control.

  • Program Flexibility: The Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship in Functional Psychiatry is a self-paced program with no firm deadlines on coursework. Combined with 24-7 online access from virtually any location, the program gives Fellows the opportunity to speed up, slow down, pause, or resume study at their own discretion. Remember: Once enrolled, you have full access to course materials for one (1) year, providing you plenty of flexibility to work around any “life happens” moments.
  • Force majeure (i.e., “What if I have to drop out of the program halfway through due to unexpected major life events”?): If unexpected life events make it necessary for you to hit ‘pause’ on your Fellowship training, let us know, and we’ll work with you to accommodate your needs in accordance with program Terms & Conditions.

We take pride in being able to provide each Fellow with a highly personalized learning experience, and are happy to work with Fellows to help ensure their successful journeys through the program.

Program Participation

By submitting my registration for the Psychiatry Redefined Professional Fellowship in Functional Psychiatry, I agree that:

  1. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that the education I receive as a result of my participation in the Psychiatry Redefined Professional Fellowship does not authorize me to exceed or alter my scope of practice, and I agree that I will maintain compliance with my current certifications / licensures / credentials in accordance with all relevant laws and any/all relevant medical licensing entities
  2. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that my participation in the Psychiatry Redefined Professional Fellowship is neither a substitute nor a replacement for any educational, certification, and/or licensing requirements that may be applicable to me and does not independently authorize me to exceed or change the legal scope of my practice
  3. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that my activities within the medical, psychiatric, and health/wellness fields are subject to my qualifications, licensure, and/or certifications in accordance with relevant laws and any/all relevant medical licensing entities
  4. I have reported my education, professional training, experience, and professional and/or academic credentials accurately and honestly
  5. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that I am bound to uphold all laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to patient privacy and confidentiality that apply to me (such as HIPPA) and that I am solely responsible for adhering to these laws, rules, and regulations at all times during my participation in the Psychiatry Redefined Professional Fellowship.
  6. If I choose to present clinical cases for discussion during my participation in the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship and/or thereafter via the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship Listserv, I understand, acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for taking all necessary measures to ensure my compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to patient privacy and confidentiality.
  7. I understand, acknowledge and agree that the Terms & Conditions of the Psychiatry Redefined Professional Fellowship in Functional Psychiatry are subject to change at Psychiatry Redefined’s sole discretion.
  8. By submitting my registration for the Psychiatry Redefined Professional Fellowship, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to all Terms & Conditions as detailed herein.