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From the Desk of Dr. James Greenblatt

There is a growing body of unequivocal empirical evidence that validates ADHD as a neurologic, brain-based disorder, represented by numerous biological abnormalities.

I wrote my book, Finally Focused to provide a comprehensive, individualized solution for these unique biological imbalances of the ADHD child.

One particular treatment that has proven to be effective for ADHD is the use of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs).

OPCs are the antioxidant polyphenols — or the dark, rich colors — found in plants, fruits, and vegetables, like blueberries, grapes, green tea, and dark chocolate.

Preliminary studies demonstrate that OPCs are a safe, natural, and efficacious treatment strategy in supporting cognitive function in those with ADHD. 

In a 1998 study, Marion Sigurdson, Ph.D., found that a regimen of OPCs worked just as well as the commonly prescribed stimulant medications, including Ritalin, on 30 children and adults diagnosed with ADD.1

Subsequent research has confirmed these positive impacts of OPCs, and further tied them to improved cognitive function, working memory, and brain activation.2

You may read more about OPCs and ADHD in an article I wrote, which was originally published in the The Neuropsychotherapist (Vol 5 Issue 5, May 2017).

OPCs are just one important tool in the functional medicine toolbox for ADHD.  

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You may also watch a previously recorded webinar I delivered on ADHD in our Webinar Library, from February 2021.

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