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This course provides methods for managing medication withdrawal and side-effects (sexual dysfunction, weight gain, suicidality) through a lens of functional and integrative medicine. In particular, we examine nutritional interventions to ameliorate the withdrawal symptoms associated with SSRI antidepressants. We conclude with a general discussion regarding the role of medication in psychiatry.


1. Medication Withdrawal & Weight Gain

We begin with a discussion of “discontinuation syndrome” for patients coming off of their antidepressants, and the nutritional supplements that reduce the physical and emotional pain of withdrawal. Then, we turn to how to manage appetite dysregulation disorders and sexual side effects for those taking these medications.

2. Suicide, Sexual Dysfunction, & Tardive Dyskinesia

Module 2 takes a more in-depth look at sexual dysfunction as a side-effect of psychiatric medications, as well as uncovering more about the risks of suicidality. In addition, we will provide a unique and effective treatment for tardive dyskinesia—tremors or tics caused by certain antipsychotic medications.

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Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, registrants will be able to:

  • Identify the key genetic, nutritional, metabolic, and environmental causes of medication withdrawal
  • Understand how nutritional supplementation can assist patients on a slow taper from their psychiatric medications
  • Manage the side-effects of psychiatric medication, including weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and suicidality
  • Understand how to run and read diagnostic tests in the evaluation of patients’ symptoms
  • Employ a functional medicine approach for better patient outcomes at your clinic or practice
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