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Learn the latest research on ketogenic diets for mental health, along with the KetoMind Programme, an optional dietary intervention to enhance standard psychiatric treatment.

Stefan Ivantu
  • Presenter: Stefan Ivantu, MD, MRCPsych
  • Webinar Date: February 10, 2022
  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording
  • Registration: FREE

While the latest research on ketogenic diets for mental health has been promising, ketogenic diets are not currently approved as a treatment for mental health conditions. The team of psychiatrists, dieticians, and nutritionists at the London Psychiatry Clinic designed the KetoMind Programme with the purpose of providing an alternative for patients who don’t respond to conventional treatments or medication.

In this webinar, Stefan Ivantu, psychiatrist and KetoMind Programme Director will discuss the programme in detail, which is designed to be used as an optional dietary intervention in addition to standard treatment, while taking into consideration the up to date evidence-based medicine.

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