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Coming off antidepressants can come with severe withdrawal side effects. Learn how to help minimize symptoms of withdrawal for your patients with a functional medicine approach that addresses nutrition and system imbalances.

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James Greenblatt MD
James Greenblatt, MD
Webinar Date:
December 21, 2022

Coming off antidepressants can be difficult for patients, with withdrawal symptoms ranging from insomnia to brain fog, mood swings to rage, among others. And depending on a patient’s unique biology, some suffer from severe withdrawal side effects when discontinuing antidepressants, while others have few. How can we best treat withdrawal symptoms when each patient has unique imbalances?

Antidepressant use shouldn’t be a life sentence. Patients deserve treatments that are personalized, and promote recovery on their terms.

In these webinars, Dr. Greenblatt will discuss why some individuals experience withdrawal side effects from antidepressants, how to assess and address symptoms, and how nutrition plays a key role in tapering medication. He will also present a functional medicine model for discontinuing antidepressants and helping practitioners minimize withdrawal symptoms for their patients.

Want to learn more about antidepressant withdrawal? Check out Dr. Greenblatt’s new book, Functional & Integrative Medicine for Antidepressant Withdrawal, available now on Amazon.

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