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Learn the latest research about digestive and systemic enzymes, and how they can protect you from environmental toxins, stress, inflammation, and chronic disease.

Milton Bastidas
  • Presenter: Milton Bastidas, DC
  • Webinar Date: February 3, 2022
  • Format: 1 hr live webinar (via Zoom)
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Webinar Recording Date: February 3, 2022

In this presentation Dr. Milton Bastidas, Director of Research for Transformation Enzyme Corporation, will be discussing why the need for digestive enzymes has never been greater. Many people associate enzyme therapy as something only beneficial for GI conditions. However, many are unaware of just how impactful they are on all body systems and supporting the body to fight off imbalance and disease. In a climate enamored with a virus and how to eradicate it, this presentation will focus on ways to support the immune system and take a deep dive into how digestive and systemic enzymes can protect you from environmental toxins, stress, inflammation, and chronic disease.

This webinar is sponsored by Transformation Enzyme Corporation.

With 30 years of education and research and an advisory board of clinicians, researchers, educators, and industry leaders guiding their work, Transformation Enzyme Corporation (TEC) is considered the pioneer of enzyme nutrition. As a nutritional supplement company, TEC specializes in the development of high-quality digestive and systemic enzymes, probiotics, and various enzyme-delivered nutritional support products. TEC formulates and distributes these Transformation™ enzyme-based dietary supplements to health professionals, clinics, and pharmacies worldwide.

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