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Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) have long been leaders in mental health care. Now, with the renowned Fellowship program in functional medicine from Psychiatry Redefined, you can enhance your clinical skills and obtain cutting-edge interventions to help you move patients beyond symptom management, address root causes, and provide lasting recovery.

We are excited to announce the launch of our Fellowship Scholarship program for 2024! Book a private phone call with our founder, Dr. James Greenblatt, today to learn more and see if you qualify!
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Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship for PMHNPs & NPs

Our 12-month Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship will give you practical, evidence-based protocols you can start using in your practice immediately. It is considered the most comprehensive, cost-effective, hands-on functional medicine training program for nurse practitioners available today. Join our community and discover a path towards the career you’ve always imagined.


With Psychiatry Redefined’s online Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship program, you get 300+ hours of research-backed curriculum, unparalleled faculty mentorship, and invaluable community support, all for only $6,000. (Scholarships available.) At a fraction of the cost of comparable programs, it is the most scientific, hands-on and practical functional medicine training program available for PMHNPs and NPs who want to stay at the forefront of mental health care.

When you enroll, you’ll be joining a community of like-minded clinicians committed to making a real difference in their patients’ lives. You will enjoy peer support as together you review a broad range of cases and diagnoses. You will be personally guided by functional and integrative medicine experts, like Psychiatry Redefined founder, Dr. James Greenblatt. Learn science-backed treatments and healing interventions to apply immediately in your practice, particularly for drug-resistant patients.

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What You’ll Learn in Our Online Integrative Psychiatry Program

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Discover clinical tools to deliver lasting patient relief and recovery with a combination of live and online learning that inclues:
  • Treating root causes and underlying triggers of mental illness
  • Assessing key biomarkers and addressing biochemical imbalances
  • How to apply precision medicine protocols in your clinical practice
  • Resolving internal toxins, infections and inflammation to restore overall health
  • The latest clinical interventions in nutritional and metabolic psychiatry
  • The analytical skills to order and assess lab tests for your patients
  • How to incorporate integrative therapies to provide mind + body wellness
  • Evidence-based alternatives to reduce medication reliance
  • Creating scientific, personalized treatment plans for whole-patient care
  • Strategies to move beyond symptom management and treatment resistance
  • Emerging research and science in functional medicine

Why Choose the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship

This Fellowship will completely change your practice and approach to patient care. Our Fellows repeatedly say that this training is the best investment they have made for their career – a robust and supportive training unlike any other.

We have dozens of testimonials from our past Fellows – including nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, PAs, physicians, naturopaths and more – who have gained invaluable education and hands-on support from Dr. James Greenblatt, our expert team of clinical leaders, and like-minded peers.

Hear how the Fellowship is changing the lives of providers and patients across the globe with the testimonials below.

Hear what Annie has to say about the Fellowship and read more about her experience here.

“I highly recommend the PR Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship. The content covers biochemical factors, assessments and options for integrative treatment for mental health conditions. The support from Dr. Greenblatt, as well as providers who have completed the fellowship, is an ongoing benefit. I am finding the work much more rewarding as I see patients realizing a more robust outcome in their treatments. I highly recommend this program.”

– Dee Alleckson, PMHNP

“Psychiatry Redefined’s Fellowship program has provided me with the ability and confidence to offer person-centered care to my patients. I now feel that I can more completely meet my patient’s needs… and create change for patients who had struggled to make progress. I would recommend this program for any provider hoping to offer a more robust and well-rounded approach to client care.”

– Rachel Egan, NP

“I highly recommend this fellowship for anyone who isn’t afraid to move beyond the basic formulas and treat the entire patient. I know it elevated my practice, and I continue to learn via the work group communication. A big thank you to Dr. Greenblatt, the staff and the participants willing to share their cases and successes.”

– Denise Drake, PMHNP-BC

Why Enroll in Our Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship

Through our online Functional Medicine Fellowship, you will join a large group of compassionate professionals who are committed to evidence-based methodologies. We help you understand and address the underlying causes of mental illness to create personalized treatment plans that target infections, toxins, genetics, lifestyle, and other key biomarkers. You’ll learn from seasoned experts and gain functional, nutritional, and integrative protocols you can apply immediately in practice. Plus, you’ll receive invaluable support from your peers and regular clinical insight on patient cases from our expert faculty

Most importantly, you’ll finally find your community, and gain the functional and integrative tools to help your patients move from treatment resistance to recovery and relief.

Enroll today!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to transform your patients’ lives and shape the future of mental health care.
Join the Movement & Enroll in the Fellowship

Learn the latest functional protocols to help your patients achieve real, lasting recovery.

Explore training and education for NPs:

Introduction to Functional Psychiatry Training for Nurse Practitioners

Obtain a solid foundation in functional, nutritional, and integrative medicine for depression and mood disorders with this two-month online introductory training program, an excellent precursor to more advanced coursework or our Fellowship training. Discover basic functional concepts and protocols you can use right away with your patients.

Eligible for 6.25 CME credits

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NP Educational Program

Summer 2023 session is now closed; please stay tuned for details on upcoming sessions!

This dedicated mental health program is ideal for nurse practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians in primary care or mental health care. You’ll learn protocols specifically for ADHD, anxiety, depression and suicide directly from renowned author, expert and psychiatrist, Dr. James Greenblatt, who boasts over three decades of experience treating mental illness.

Plus, you get invaluable facetime with Dr. Greenblatt during 3 live and dedicated group supervision sessions (June & July) to guide your study and consult on real patient cases. You’ll acquire essential clinical protocols that you can implement immediately with your patients at the primary care level.

Included in the NP Educational Program

Our online courses are convenient, accredited, and accessible – built for the busy practitioner, so you can study at your own pace, from any device.

  • 3 Live group supervisions with Dr. James Greenblatt
  • Introduction to Functional Medicine for Anxiety & Depression
  • Functional & Integrative Medicine for ADHD
  • Functional & Integrative Medicine for Anxiety
  • Functional & Integrative Medicine for Depression
  • Biological Models for Suicide Prevention
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Introduction to Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Training for Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners know firsthand that patient demand for precision medicine is increasing. Expand your skill set to meet that demand and lead mental health care into the future. Take advantage of our many live and online resources for functional and integrative medicine approaches, including articles, free webinars, courses and conferences.

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