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“I Wish I Could Offer My Patients More Options!”

The upcoming Fellowship in Functional and Integrative Psychiatry is the way to finally get your wish.

“I wish I could offer my patient more options.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that exact sentence, or some variant of it, from the many health care professionals I talk with as the founder and chief medical officer of Psychiatry Redefined. I’ve heard it from psychiatrists and other physicians, from psychologists and social workers, from nurses, nurse practitioners and PAs, from naturopaths and nutritionists. I’m pretty sure I hear this sentiment a couple of times a week—at the very least!

All of these clinicians see patients with mental health challenges, whether it’s depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance abuse or some other mental disorder. And most of these clinicians have received only one type of training to address mental health problems: the one-size-fits-all approach of psychopharmacology, where they listen to the patient, determine a diagnosis from the DSM, and prescribe a medication to try to fix it. They were trained in this approach; if they work for a company, it probably expects them to use this approach; and this approach seems to have the virtue of efficiency, since they only have 10-15 minutes with each patient to evaluate and respond to their problem.

At the same time, they know that medications for mental disorders aren’t very effective. Research shows they work in about 50% of cases, at best. But they aren’t aware of another way to treat mental illness. And so many wish they did!

Or if they do know there’s another way—a so-called “alternative” to medications—the information they’re getting is probably not credible, such as information from the internet or social media (an approach I’ve started to call “Facebook Psychiatry”) Simply sniff lavender. Take 5-HTP. It’s the same one-size-fits-all approach as traditional psychopharmacology, but using blanket recommendations for supplements or other remedies instead.

Is there a way out of this limited, frustrating situation? Is there a credible way to offer your patients more options?

I am writing today to tell you: Yes there is!

There are more options you can offer your patients—many more.

And you can learn all these options—what they are; how and why they work; and how to use them in your practice—by enrolling in the upcoming certified Fellowship in Functional and Integrative Psychiatry. (I’ll just call it the “Fellowship” for the rest of this letter.)

As its name implies, the Fellowship is based on the scientific principles of functional psychiatry.

Functional psychiatry acknowledges the biochemical basis of mental illness—nutritional status, hormone levels, blood sugar, inflammation, chronic infections, genetic markers, and many other physiological factors that can be tested and analyzed.

Functional psychiatry also acknowledges biochemical individuality: the reality that these factors are different in every individual, and the only way to discover those differences is with objective laboratory testing.

Learning what to test, and how to test for it, is a keystone of functional psychiatry. 

Based on the results of testing, the practitioner creates a customized treatment plan—an approach that is generally called precision medicine, and which we call precision psychiatry. And that approach is integrative, using the best of pharmacology and natural therapeutics.

In using this approach—whether we call it functional psychiatry, precision psychiatry, personalized psychiatry, or customized psychiatry—the results are often remarkable. But don’t take my word for it. 90% of people who have enrolled in the Fellowship report improved patient outcomes!

You wish you could offer more options? Well, 9 out of 10 Fellowship enrollees got their wish! Which means you can, too.

What’s more, 95% report that their patients are more satisfied with their care since they applied interventions learned in the Fellowship.

Enrolling in the Fellowship is the best way to learn these effective interventions! With more than 20 years of experience in functional psychiatry, I can say with confidence that this 12-month training provides the most hands-on, comprehensive, convenient, practical, and cost-effective training around in Functional and Integrative Psychiatry.

It includes 300+ hours of curriculum, discipline-specific mentoring groups, and over 50 hours of live and direct faculty guidance. The Fellowship program also fosters a collaborative learning environment where you share real patients cases with me and our extraordinary faculty, so you can immediately apply the interventions you learn with your patients.

I strongly urge you to consider enrolling in this unique program. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

What’s more, limited scholarships are available. I believe that training in functional psychiatry for mental health is essential for all providers, and my educational mission is to provide extensive training to as many providers as possible. Please CLICK HERE to schedule a free and private call with me to learn more and determine if you qualify.

In health, 

James Greenblatt, MD
Founder & CMO, Psychiatry Redefined

Ready to learn evidence-based functional medicine interventions to enhance patient care? Enroll in our certified Fellowship for professionals!

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