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Do You Want More From Your Career in Mental Health Care?

Redirect and reinvigorate your career in mental health care with our upcoming Fellowship in Functional and Integrative Psychiatry – and you’ll be more effective every day.

As the founder and chief medical officer of Psychiatry Redefined, I talk to a lot of mental health professionals. And one theme I hear consistently is…

“This is not the career I expected when I went into helping patients with mental health challenges!”

Maybe that sounds like you, like someone who is rethinking your career.

Maybe you didn’t expect to be trapped in a “one-size-fits-all” treatment model that generally recommends a single-solution medication for any and every mental health problem.

Maybe you didn’t expect to virtually ignore the plethora of biological factors which modern science demonstrates can influence mental health—factors like nutritional imbalances, hormone levels, blood sugar, inflammation, chronic infections, toxins, and genetic markers.

Maybe you had hoped to treat your patients like individually unique people, not like a collection of symptoms and diagnoses that you need to manage and track.

Maybe you didn’t expect to be stuck in an outdated, reductive paradigm that stubbornly chooses a cookie-cutter approach, instead of a personalized medicine approach where treatment plans are customized for each individual patient.

Maybe you want to be on the frontier of mental health care, to be part of the future—not to be stuck in the backwater of traditional, conventional care.

Maybe you want to be part of a vibrant community of practitioners, mutually devoted to finding the most effective, evidence-based interventions to treat those with mental illness, rather than theories and conjecture—new treatment approaches that include both medication and natural therapies.

Is there a way to realize your dreams. To have the career in mental health that you had hoped for—when you started your work-life, and to this day? 

I am writing to tell you: Yes, there is!

There IS A WAY to revive, energize, and redirect your career, so that you experience daily effectiveness—and professional satisfaction.

You can achieve all this by enrolling in our upcoming certified Fellowship in Functional & Integrative Psychiatry. (I’ll just call it the “Fellowship” for the rest of this letter.)

As I explained in another recent post, our Fellowship is based on the scientific principles of functional psychiatry.

Functional psychiatry acknowledges the biochemical basis of mental illness, aforementioned factors like nutritional status, chemical imbalances, and hormone levels.

Functional psychiatry also acknowledges biochemical individuality of each patient: the reality is that these factors are different in every individual, and the only way to discover those differences is with objective laboratory testing. Learning what to test, and how to test for it, is a keystone of functional psychiatry—and it’s one of the many things you’ll learn in the Fellowship.

Based on the results of testing, practitioners can create customized treatment plans for each patient—an approach that is generally called precision medicine, and one which we call precision psychiatry. This approach is integrative, using the best of pharmacology and natural therapeutics. Using this approach—which can be summed up by the phrase, Detect and Correct—the results are often remarkable.

But don’t take my word for it:

  • 95% of people who have enrolled in the Fellowship report that the Fellowship has made them more confident providers.
  • And 90% of people who enrolled in the Fellowship report improved patient outcomes, and 95% say their patients are more satisfied with their care since applying functional interventions.

So if you want to feel more satisfied and sure of yourself at work—we highly encourage you to enroll in the Fellowship!

The certified Fellowship training in functional psychiatry is the best way to redirect and rejuvenate your carer in mental health care. With more than 20 years of experience in functional psychiatry, and having taught hundreds of Fellows, I can say with confidence that this 12-month training provides the most hands-on, comprehensive, convenient, practical, and cost-effective education available in Functional and Integrative Psychiatry.

It includes 300+ hours of curriculum, discipline-specific mentoring groups, and over 50 hours of live and direct faculty guidance. The Fellowship program also fosters a collaborative learning environment where you share real patients cases with me and our extraordinary faculty, so you can immediately apply the lessons you learn in your practice.

I strongly urge you to consider enrolling in this unique training program. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

What’s more, limited scholarships are available for this Fellowship! I believe that training in functional psychiatry for mental health is essential for all providers, and my educational mission is to provide extensive training to as many providers as possible.

Please CLICK HERE to schedule a call with me to learn more about how the Fellowship can help your career, and to determine if you qualify for a scholarship.

In health, 

James Greenblatt, MD
Founder & CMO, Psychiatry Redefined

Ready to learn evidence-based functional medicine interventions to enhance your career and patient care? Enroll in our certified Fellowship for professionals!

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