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Learn about the research between brain function and micronutrients, and how to enhance brain health and resilience by strategically feeding your brain.

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Bonnie Kaplan
  • Presenter: Bonnie Kaplan, PhD
  • Webinar Date: August 31, 2022
  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording
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Our society is conducting a public health experiment on itself by voluntarily eliminating over 50% of the micronutrients that our brains require for optimal function. The results are skyrocketing mental health problems and dementia. What most people do not know is that these results were predictable, and that the most important way all of us can improve our mental function and resilience is by feeding our brains. In this webinar, Dr. Bonnie Kaplan will review the research proving these causal relationships, to empower you to move toward better brain health.

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