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Presentation Overviews

Chemical Keys of Mood Dysregulation: Copper, Zinc, & Kryptopyrroles

Albert Mensah, MD

The treatment of cognitive health conditions has typically focused on suppressing symptoms rather than addressing causal factors. Orthomolecular pioneers such as Dr. Carl Pfeiffer and Dr. William Walsh, however, have shown us that measuring for and treating imbalances of key biochemical elements can lead to significant patient improvement. In this presentation, Dr. Mensah will review years of successful orthomolecular testing and treatment, focusing specifically on copper, zinc and kryptopyrroles, three primary biochemical causal agents for mood dysregulation and a host of other cognitive challenges.

Hormones and Mental Health: Focus on Thyroid and Testosterone

Louis Cady, MD

In this presentation, Dr. Cady will review the historical and contemporary evidence for the interplay between two major hormone systems of the human body – thyroid and testosterone –  and their impact on cognition, mood, and functioning.

The Moral Imperative of Integrative Medicine

Louis Cady, MD

In this presentation, Dr. Cady will invite you to consider: With all of our colleagues practicing cookie cutter medicine, terrorized by “practice guidelines,” is there room for a functional approach?  Is there a moral imperative to practice integrative medicine?  And how do we do that?  How do we practice in such a way as to attempt to stabilize the biological platform first, before considering psychiatric medications?

Post-COVID Mental Health: Natural Solutions

Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc

It is well known that post-COVID syndrome includes a high percentage of patients experiencing neuropsychiatric symptoms, including delirium, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  As a mental health practitioner practicing in New York City throughout the pandemic, Dr. Bongiorno has seen and is currently treating many of these patients. He will take you through a number of patient cases, highlighting predisposing factors, lab test findings, and treatment strategies. Dr. Bongiorno will help you identify the most important factors that predisposes post-COVID patients to mental  illness and give you specific natural medicine protocols you can take home and use with your patients.

Discover a personalized patient approach to transform mental health care and improve patient outcomes.

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