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Case History: Jordan

Diagnosis: Aggressive Behavior

Jordan was the three-year-old son of a well-educated physician and her husband. While in daycare, Jordan began pushing other children in an early display of aggressive behavior. As the problems escalated, the daycare facility warned that Jordan would need to be removed or separated from the other children if the problems continued.

Medical History & Evaluation

Jordan had a history of ear infections which are commonly associated with a sensitivity to dairy consumption. Jordan was drinking milk three times a day with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Based on the initial evaluation, a trial of eliminating dairy was recommended and markedly improved Jordan’s conduct. The following year, however, Jordan’s aggressive behaviors began to re-escalate even though he was still avoiding dairy products. The parents again sought medical advice.

Testing & Treatment

To further evaluate the case, a urinary organic acid profile identified elevated markers for candida. Worries about immunodeficiency were also prevalent as Jordan continued to have frequent colds and ear infections which had been treated with antibiotics since before age four.

Based on the additional findings, Jordan was treated with the probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii and a course of nystatin for candida overgrowth. The treatment again calmed the behaviors and by age six, Jordan started first grade without medications and was able to maintain his progress by just following a mostly dairy-free diet.

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