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Program Basics

I’ve already read the book Finally Focused; what new material will I get from this program?

Dr. Greenblatt’s breakthrough best-seller, Finally Focused, was written for the consumer, and provides a ‘digestible’ and functional psychiatry model for ADHD that excludes more challenging scientific information that may inaccessible to the lay reader.  Furthermore (and for this same reason), the book does not provide a clear, step-by-step process of understanding, interpreting, and prioritizing the kind of testing that is made on the part of the clinician as part of this model.

The Psychiatry Redefined ADHD Intensive program provides a clinically-oriented and scientific immersion into Dr. Greenblatt’s functional psychiatry model for ADHD, one that provides a comprehensive overview of the biochemistry behind the disorder and focuses on clear, objective analysis of functional medicine testing found to be most relevant for the treatment of ADHD.

As the field of functional medicine has exploded over the past several years, so too have the popularity of functional medicine models veer concerningly close to the very approaches from which they seek to distance themselves, at least in concept.  This is the ‘one size fits all’ approach, a practice of medicine based upon the concept that what works for one patient will probably work for another with the same diagnosis or symptom constellation.  To be sure, the growth and burgeoning acceptance of functional medicine is a wonderful thing, but we should be wary, as clinicians, of ‘standardized’ models in all guises.  Standardization is not what functional medicine is not all about.  In its truest form, functional medicine is about personalized medicine that honors biochemical individuality.

Program registrants will receive: not standardized paradigms to be applied to every patient, but rather step-by-step models that allow clinicians to customize – with biologic precision – personalized interventions that target the unique biochemistry underlying each individual patient’s symptoms; a functional roadmap for designing a biologically-informed, personalized plan of treatment for every ADHD patient in need, and optimizing that patient’s therapeutic outcomes for sustained health and balance.

Do I have to listen to the course lectures in a specific order?

No. Fellows are welcome to progress through courses in any order they wish, and at their own pace.

How long will I have access to courses provided in the ADHD Intensive?

Registrants will have unlimited access to the courses included in the ADHD Intensive program for one year beginning with their enrollment date.

How do I communicate with other registrants in the program, or ask a question about course material?

Group supervisions are the primary means through which registrants may submit questions to Dr. Greenblatt during live, real-time supervisions (held via Zoom). Participation in supervision discussions is not mandatory, but strongly recommended, as it allows for dynamic engagement with fellow health professionals and Dr. Greenblatt.

We are also currently developing a private online community for Psychiatry Redefined trainees. On this forthcoming platform, you can connect with other ADHD trainees, along with other providers from our various clinical programs. This platform allows you to network with trainees all over the globe, gain live training support, find treatment solutions, and more! You’ll have the ability to discuss real patient cases, curriculum, interventions, practice resources and share your knowledge with other like-minded providers. Stay tuned – this platform is launching soon!

Will I be able to present and discuss questions from real clinical cases?

Yes! The ADHD Intensive program is not only an educational experience, but a collaborative one. Learning how to apply your knowledge in real-life clinical contexts and improve patient outcomes is part of our guiding principles. You are encouraged to present clinical cases for discussion, to stimulate group discourse and glean valuable insights from Dr. Greenblatt.

  • Group Supervisions: These live group sessions provide another opportunity to present clinical cases and ask questions. Q&A is built into the timetable for every group supervision, and the faculty member leading the supervision (Dr. Greenblatt) will answer questions.
  • Submitting Questions: Questions may be submitted directly during live Zoom supervisions. Alternatively, you may submit questions and/or cases ahead of time to the Director of Education and Events, hgetz@psychiatryredefined.org, who will provide them to faculty for the live supervision.

When are the Group Supervisions?

All supervisions are generally held live on Tuesdays at 8:00PM EST via Zoom.

  • March 26: Introduction to Functional Medicine for ADHD & Lab Testing
  • April 2: Lithium
  • April 9: Magnesium, Zinc & Copper
  • April 16: Amino Acids, Digestion & Medications
  • April 23: Dysbiosis, Probiotics & Phytochemicals
  • April 30: Case Discussions and Open Q&A with Dr. Greenblatt
  • May 14: Case Discussions and Open Q&A with Dr. Greenblatt
  • May 21: Case Discussions and Open Q&A with Dr. Greenblatt

Is attendance at all Group Supervision trainings mandatory?

While attendance at Group Supervision webinar trainings is not required, we strongly recommend that you attend as many as they can, for these trainings comprise a keystone component of the program. Group Supervisions permit registrants to engage in discussion with Dr. Greenblatt and with their peers to broaden understanding and explore topics pertaining to functional psychiatry for ADHD. They also provide a forum within which to ask questions and present clinical cases.

We understand, however, that busy schedules sometimes preclude Supervision attendance. For this reason, all Supervision webinars are recorded, and a replay link will be emailed to registrants 24-72 hours after said session. If for any reason you cannot attend a live Supervision, you may use this replay link to watch the session recording later at your convenience.

How do I join the Group Supervisions?

Group Supervisions for the ADHD Intensive are held mid-week. Students can find upcoming dates and links in their Supervision “course” within the learning management system (where all curriculum is housed). We encourage students to register for these supervisions ahead of time. Students will also receive an email approximately 2-5 days before each new supervision date with all necessary Zoom links, dates and times. At the appropriate date and time, simply click the Zoom link you’ve been sent to join the live supervision.

Will I receive a certificate of participation upon program completion?

Yes!  A Certificate of Program Completion will be provided to each registrant upon the conclusion of his or her course of study.

A Certificate of CME activity completion is available to those who intend to claim CME credits for the Functional & Integrative Medicine for ADHD course. This certificate will only become available once all required Module tests and course evaluation forms have been completed and submitted for the CME-approved course in question.

For more information on CME credits and CME reporting for the ADHD Intensive, please see the CME FAQs section below.

Are CMEs available as part of the ADHD Intensive program?

Yes! Included in the Intensive program is Functional & Integrative Medicine for ADHD, a three-module course led by Dr. James Greenblatt, and approved by MedicusCME and the ACCME for 4.0 Prescribed Credits.

For more information on CME credits and CME reporting for the ADHD Intensive, please see the CME FAQs section below.

Do I have to claim CMEs?

No; claiming CMEs for the Functional & Integrative Medicine for ADHD course is entirely optional.

For more information on CME credits, please see the CME FAQs section below.

What is the ADHD Intensive Participation Agreement?

By submitting my registration for the Psychiatry Redefined ADHD Intensive, I agree that:

  1. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that the education I receive as a result of my participation in the Psychiatry Redefined ADHD Intensive program does notauthorize me to exceed or alter my scope of practice, and I agree that I will maintain compliance with my current certifications / licensures / credentials in accordance with all relevant laws and any/all relevant medical licensing entities
  2. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that my participation in the Psychiatry Redefined ADHD Intensive program is neither a substitute nor a replacementfor any educational, certification, and/or licensing requirements that may be applicable to me and does not independently authorize me to exceed or change the legal scope of my practice
  3. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that my activities within the medical, psychiatric, and health/wellness fields are subject to my qualifications, licensure, and/or certifications in accordance with relevant laws and any/all relevant medical licensing entities
  4. I have reported my education, professional training, experience, and professional and/or academic credentials accurately and honestly
  5. I understand, acknowledge, and agree that I am bound to uphold all laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to patient privacy and confidentiality that apply to me (such as HIPPA) and that I am solelyresponsible for adhering to these laws, rules, and regulations at all times during my participation in the Psychiatry Redefined ADHD Intensive program.
  6. If I choose to present clinical cases for discussion during my participation in the Psychiatry Redefined ADHD Intensive program and/or thereafter via the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship Listserv, I understand, acknowledge and agree that I am solelyresponsible for taking all necessary measures to ensure my compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to patient privacy and confidentiality.
  7. I understand, acknowledge and agree that the Terms & Conditions of the Psychiatry Redefined ADHD Intensive program are subject to change at Psychiatry Redefined’s sole discretion.
  8. By submitting my registration for the Psychiatry Redefined ADHD Intensive program, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to all Terms & Conditions as detailed herein.

Enrollment & Eligibility

When does the ADHD Intensive program begin?

The Spring 2024 ADHD Intensive runs for 8 weeks: March 26 – May 21, 2024. Trainees are welcome to enroll before the program officially begins on March 26, 2024 with the commencement of the first live group supervision with Dr. James Greenblatt.

The ADHD Intensive program runs once a year. A spring session for 2025 will most likely be held during similar months. 2025 information will be released in late 2024/early 2025.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment for the Spring 2024 session is now closed. Please stay tuned for details on our next Intensive session.

When enrolling for this program you will need to create a new account in the Psychiatry Redefined Learning Management System (LMS) and submit payment in full.

Access to the Psychiatry Redefined Learning Management System (LMS) dashboard, where all curriculum and materials can be accessed, will be sent to you less than 48 hours upon enrollment. A confirmation of payment and registration will be emailed to the address that you provide with your registration; please be sure to check your spam folder for this email.

Can I still enroll after the program start date?

Yes; enrollment for the ADHD Intensive generally remains open (for a limited time) after the official program start date.

Please email Director of Education & Events, Heather Getz, at at hgetz@psychiatryredefined.org to inquire about late enrollment, or with any questions about the curriculum you may have missed.

Do I need to be an MD to be eligible for the ADHD Intensive?

The ADHD Intensive program is open to health professionals of all disciplines and specialties that treat ADHD.  It is also suitable for students and medical residents pursuing higher education in the medical/allied mental health sciences.

If you are unsure as to whether the program is right for you, please email Program Coordinator Jennifer Dimino at jcdimino@psychiatryredefined.org.

Is the ADHD Intensive program suitable and/or appropriate for international practitioners?

Yes! Our web-based Learning Management System permits access to online course materials from virtually any location, and we welcome healthcare professionals from around the world who are inspired to participate in the evolution of modern psychiatry.

Fees & Refunds

How much does the program cost? Is there a payment plan available?

The cost of the ADHD Intensive program is $1,300.

We also provide a three-month payment plan of $500/month for three months (billed in three installments beginning with your initial enrollment payment).

Do you offer discounts for students?

We do not currently offer any special discounts for students / medical residents.

What is the Refund Policy on the ADHD Intensive program?

We do offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If after one (1) week of registering you decide the program is not a fit for you, Psychiatry Redefined will process a refund under the ADHD Intensive Program Terms of this Agreement less a 3% transaction fee. We encourage you to review these terms before submitting a refund request.

To request a refund, please Heather Getz at hgetz@psychiatryredefined.org.

Please note that we do not offer refunds on refund requests submitted more than one (1) week after the date of initial program registration.

Course Access & LMS

How soon after I process payment will I have access to course material?

Your member account and login will available in less than 48 hours after registration, at which time you will have full access to all courses and course materials via our Learning Management System (LMS) dashboard.

Do I need any special software to access the Course Dashboard (LMS)?

No; all you need is a device with internet connectivity and a web browser.

Can I access course material at any time?

Yes. One of the benefits of our Learning Management System (LMS) is 24/7 access for 365 day, from virtually any location. Registrants can log into their member dashboard on the LMS from a PC, tablet, cell phone, or laptop, and continue their studies when most convenient for them.

What if I encounter technical difficulties with course access?

LMS access issues and other technical difficulties should be reported to Program Coordinator Jennifer Dimino at jcdimino@psychiatryredefined.org.

CME & CE Credit

What ADHD Intensive course is approved for CME credits?

The ADHD Intensive program includes a three-module course, Functional & Integrative Medicine for ADHD, which has been approved for 4.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.

Am I required to claim and report CMEs for accredited courses in this program?

No; pursuing CME credits for the accredited course is entirely optional.

What entity is the designated CME provider for Psychiatry Redefined?

The designated CME provider for Psychiatry Redefined is Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources, Inc.

The Functional & Integrative Medicine for ADHD course has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of MedicusCME and Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources, Inc.

Do I have to pass tests or quizzes along the way?

If you intend to claim CME credits for any of the accredited courses, you must complete, submit and score a passing grade for all of the provided course module post-tests. The minimum passing grades for CME post-tests is 80%. You are granted three attempts to take these tests. Post-tests must be passed in order to obtain credit and your certificate. If you do not wish to claim CME credits, then you do not need to pass the test.

Remember: These quizzes are meant to reinforce knowledge gained in course lectures, and should be viewed as an adjunct to learning.

How do I view and complete CME post-tests and evaluations?

The certification requirements for CME credits can be found as separate “course” on your student dashboard in our learning management system (LMS). For reporting purposes, the certification requirements (evaluation and post-tests) are generally housed separately from the accredited educational course itself.

You will be provided specific instructions at the end of each accredited course how to complete certification and obtain your certificate.

If you cannot locate your CME Certification course in your student account, we recommend using the search bar on your student dashboard to search/find the course title: “CME Certification”

Do I have to complete an evaluation if I want to claim CME credit?

Yes, per ACCME policies and requirements you must complete a Registrant Information Questionnaire and Course evaluation for every CME-approved course for which you want to claim CME credit.

Do I have to complete all tests and evaluations in one sitting?

No. Just like the individual online courses, your progress is saved for all post-tests/quizzes and evaluations for CME credit. These can be completed at your own pace. If you need a break after finishing the first quiz, for example, you may pause; you may then return to the course player, and you can pick up where you left off. You are granted three attempts to pass each required post-test.

How do I fulfill CME requirements for each CME-approved course?

In order to fulfill CME requirements you must:

  • Complete all post-tests for that course with a passing grade of 80%
  • Complete the Course Evaluation for said course

Once all required components have been completed you will be provided instructions for obtaining your CME Certificate for the accredited course.

Will Psychiatry Redefined report my CME credits for me?

No. Each student is responsible for reporting completed CMEs to their specific board in order to claim credit, in accordance with all ACCME policies, guidelines, rules and regulations.

I previously completed a PR course or program that is now approved for CME credit. Can I claim credit retroactively?

No; CME and/or credits can only be claimed for courses that were completed within the term of credit approval. The term of approval for Psychiatry Redefined’s current CME courses began September 1st, 2019.

CE credits were only available for a limited time for certain online courses. The term of approval for CE ran from December 2022 through September 2023.  If you completed any of these courses prior to or after this time frame, you cannot claim said credits.

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