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Learn how diet and nutrition impact schizophrenia symptoms, the potential benefits in removing gluten from the diet, and the impact of achieving nutritional ketosis.

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James Greenblatt MD
  • Presenter: James Greenblatt, MD
  • Webinar Date: May 5, 2022
  • Level: Introductory
  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording
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Schizophrenia is a variable and multifactorial psychiatric disorder producing a spectrum of symptoms ranging from behavioral abnormalities to full psychosis. Such dynamic symptom constellations, in tandem with research supporting genetic, epigenetic, metabolic, and neurologic contributors to pathogenesis, invite treatment approaches that prioritize the mitigation of underlying biologic factors. Unfortunately, current therapeutic paradigms for schizophrenia rely heavily (if not exclusively) on pharmaceutical agents for symptom suppression, agents associated with a plethora of side-effects that often diminish patient quality of life. Moreover, pharmaceutically-oriented approaches to treatment often omit consideration of other biologic factors that may be contributing to symptoms – omissions that are costly in light of the burden they impose upon patients.

A growing body of research demonstrates that nutritional ketosis can reduce or even eliminate negative and positive symptoms in schizophrenic patients. Additionally, studies have identified a robust correlation between schizoaffective presentations and abnormalities in the metabolism of the protein, gluten, leading to an accumulation of dietary exorphins that possess opiate effects. In this webinar, Dr. Greenblatt will review the fast-growing pool of scientific literature indicating that nutrition is a key modifiable risk factor in the development and progression of mental illness, emphasizing the potential benefits to schizophrenia patients of removing gluten from their diets and focusing on achieving nutritional ketosis.

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