Join Dr. Georgia Ede in the replay of this popular webinar featuring a special Q&A with functional expert, Dr. James Greenblatt. Learn about the science behind ketogenic diets, and how they can help enhance therapy and outcomes for psychiatric disorders–even helping some reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

  • Presenter: Georgia Ede, MD

  • Q&A Session featuring: James Greenblatt, MD

  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording

  • Registration: FREE

Webinar Date: January 27, 2022

Features live Q&A with Dr. James Greenblatt post-webinar
(Original webinar recording from September 2021)

This webinar will introduce attendees to the exciting, emerging field of metabolic psychiatry, the cornerstone of which is the ketogenic diet. We will review the scientific rationale for the use of ketogenic diets in psychiatric practice, address common safety concerns, describe how these diets may be applied as either an adjunctive or a standalone therapy, and summarize where the clinical science in the field currently stands. Join us to learn how this root cause intervention can help some patients avoid, reduce, or eliminate the need for psychiatric medications.

Note: This is a replay of the webinar given by Dr. Ede in September 2021. Dr. Ede will not be presenting live on Jan. 27, but Dr. Greenblatt will be hosting a live Q&A post-event to supplement and expand upon this fascinating field and related research.

Details about our upcoming Ketogenic Diets Conference in March, for which Dr. Ede is a featured speaker, will be shared post-event. Learn more about the online conference Ketogenic Diets in Psychiatry: Fad & Facts.

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