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Join Dr. Kate Kresge and Dr. James Greenblatt for this free webinar exploring functional lab testing for mental health treatment. Gain key insights on test assessment and how labs can help you resolve the underlying causes of mental illness.

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Kate Kresge, ND
  • Presenter: Kate Kresge, ND

  • Date: June 17th at 7pm EST

  • Format: 1 hr live webinar via Zoom
  • Registration: Free

Discover the latest advancements in functional lab testing by joining Dr. Kate Kresge, the Head of Medical Education at Rupa Health, and Dr. James Greenblatt, founder of Psychiatry Redefined, for an informative free webinar. Gain insights from two leading experts in the field and learn how to leverage functional lab testing for improved diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.

This discussion will provide valuable information on how functional lab testing can help assess the root cause of mental health diagnoses in patients. Dr. Kate and her team will review testing protocols, and you’ll have the chance to participate in an insightful discussion on how you can manage lab orders seamlessly and receive results within your workflow. Dr. Greenblatt will focus on essential functional labs critical for navigating mental health and how these labs can help identify underlying issues contributing to your patient’s mental health concerns.

What You Can Expect to Learn:

  • How to build your own labshop with live help to get started making asynchronous lab ordering accessible to your clients!
  • How to customize your own optimal lab ranges for your clients, creating a personalized and branded experience with lab ordering
  • Ways you can bundle commonly-ordered labs for conditions based on Dr. Greenblatt’s protocols!
  • Streamline your workflow by designing custom lab panels
  • How to submit a case study and get published on Rupa!
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