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Join functional medicine expert and author, Dr. James Greenblatt, for a free webinar exploring effective, personalized medicine approaches for the treatment of BPD. Don’t miss this chance to discover breakthrough clinical models that can deliver lasting relief to your patients.

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James Greenblatt MD
  • Presenter: James Greenblatt, MD
  • Recording Date: Wednesday, May 8 at 8:00 pm EST
  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording
  • Registration: FREE

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is often considered one of the most challenging mental health disorders to treat. Characterized by mood instability, dissociation, and emotional dysregulation, it is often misdiagnosed or dismissed as benign compared to other diagnoses, even though it is frequently associated with suicidality.

To make matters worse, no medication is approved for the treatment of BPD, yet nearly 50% of BPD patients take multiple psychotropics simultaneously, bringing the added burden of potential medication side effects.

Working with BPD patients for over 30 years, Dr. James Greenblatt has created a breakthrough clinical approach to care. His personalized, functional medicine model for treatment is designed to provide clinicians with an expanded toolkit to offer long-lasting improvement for patients with BPD. Join Dr. Greenblatt for this special webinar, where he will review his functional medicine approach to treating Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

What you will learn:

  • How biological factors influence brain function – and, by extension, thought, mood, and behavior
  • How psychological stressors trigger discrete changes in biology that can cause or entrench BPD
  • The role of Essential Fatty Acids in nerve cell health and cell signaling pathways
  • How low-dose, nutritional lithium – an essential mineral with vast neuroprotective properties – may be
    utilized to prevent suicide, stabilize mood, and support balanced brain health
  • Strategies for biomedical testing to guide and inform personalized Functional interventions for BPD

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the strengths and limitations of traditional, symptom-drug polypharmacy models of BPD treatment
  • Identify two or more biological factors associated with BPD
  • Identify two or more psychiatric symptoms associated with a deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids
  • Elucidate the clinical applications of nutritional (low dose) lithium for BPD
  • Explain why biomedical analysis (lab testing) is critical for modern biopsychiatric paradigms of care
  • Explain how a collaborative patient-provider relationship can optimize clinical outcomes
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About James Greenblatt, MD

A trailblazer in the field of functional and integrative psychiatry, James M. Greenblatt, MD, has treated thousands of patients since 1988. After receiving his medical degree and completing his psychiatry residency, Dr. Greenblatt completed a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School. He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Walden Behavioral Care in Waltham, MA, and as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine and Dartmouth College Geisel School of Medicine. Dr. Greenblatt has lectured internationally on the scientific evidence for functional and nutritional interventions for and mental illness. He is the Founder & Chief Medical Officer of Psychiatry Redefined, the leading continuing education platform for mental health providers; and the author of seven books, including the groundbreaking best-seller, Finally Focused: The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD.

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