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Course Description:


The Telemedicine Law course, presented by functional lawyer, Scott Rattigan, JD, is the best way to ensure that you can navigate the patchwork quilt of state telemedicine laws with confidence. This educational course was created for doctors just like you who want to expand their reach into telemedicine, but are held back by the unknowns of 50 different legal and regulatory systems. This course covers establishing care virtually, working across state lines, online prescribing, how to get a special telemedicine license in ten states, HIPAA best practices, and a Telemedicine Consent Template (normally $149). In addition, registration will grant you access to the private Facebook-like community of like-minded doctors.

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Course Length:

  • 2 hours

What’s Included:

  • Telemedicine legal education, documents, and community

What You Get:

  • Confidence, peace of mind, and freedom to expand your practice online with confidence.
Scott Rattigan JD

About Scott Rattigan, JD

Scott Rattigan, JD, is a licensed healthcare attorney and a co-founder of a functional medicine practice with his wife Linda, a DO. Scott helps integrative and functional medicine providers establish solid business and legal plans to protect themselves and their businesses from excess risk so that they can practice with the confidence and security to powerfully change the lives of their patients. He is a nationally recognized attorney and business consultant for integrative and functional medicine practices. Together with his wife, he helps run a thriving functional medicine practice so he understands both the legal issues and the practical business issues that practices face today. He consults practices all across the country and is up-to-date on the latest telemedicine laws, regulations, and temporary orders. Scott is a graduate of William & Mary Law School. Learn more about Scott’s work, visit www.FunctionalLawyer.com.

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The Functional Lawyer Membership

The Functional Lawyer Membership is the best way to ensure that your practice runs smoothly and legally. I’ve created this educational membership for doctors just like you who want to focus on their patients and not nitty-gritty legal issues. This membership includes all of the legal documents offered on my site, as well as a digital course covering details from starting your entity, patient forms, HIPAA compliance, all the way to telemedicine laws, and beyond. In addition, we have weekly office hours calls where I answer any questions you may have about law or business in general. And you can sign up to talk to me individually once per month at no extra cost. What is included? Legal education, documents and support. What does that give you? Confidence, peace of mind, and freedom to grow your practice without fear.

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