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Well-trained providers drive organizational success.

Psychiatry Redefined offers customizable, education for providers seeking a new approach to mental health care. By utilizing individualized, research-based, whole-body assessment and treatment, it is possible to identify and resolve the underlying causes of mental illness. With this functional, integrative and metabolic approach, recovery is finally an attainable goal.

Our learning resources include hundreds of hours of scientifically backed online curriculum and material with an ever-expanding faculty base. Our trainings can be tailored to your specific clinical specialties and needs – all delivered in the most effective format and at the most convenient time.

Find alignment and improve patient outcomes with custom learning experiences in functional, integrative and metabolic psychiatry.

“I started my journey into Functional Psychiatry seven years ago and had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr. Greenblatt’s method at that time. His work completely transformed my practice and I have benefited tremendously from his over 30 years of clinical experience and wisdom.”

– Muneer Ali, MD (Psychiatrist)

“I encourage you to consider the fact that this is where medicine is going. This is the frontier, where patients are going to want precision medicine… they’re going to want integrative treatments. And this is the language you’re going to want to speak. Invest in your ability to keep up with that frontier and be at the cutting-edge of where mental health is going.”

~ Lachlan Crawford, ND

An ideal solution to build internal alignment around your unique clinical specialties and needs

Our customized education is an ideal solution for organizations seeking to equip clinical teams with the latest personalized care protocols. We collaborate with your organization to co-create learning experiences based on your unique clinical specialties and practice goals, and can deliver them through a range of virtual, blended, and in-person formats. Our expert faculty can modify or replicate existing curriculum or event lectures, or develop new curriculum to meet your specific goals.

Educational programs can be tailored to your organizational timeline and needs – from single trainings and extended multi-month programs, focused sessions and multi-topic series, to custom bundles of existing curriculum complimented by faculty supervision discussions and Q&A sessions – we take a collaborative approach to designing your program.

Program Examples:

  • Targeted grand rounds for institution-wide education on mental health topics and treatment
  • Curriculum access or subscription programs for faculty-led courses in integrative mental health care
  • School counselor training on the latest innovative approaches for addressing ADHD
  • Course and lecture bundles developed specifically for the needs of your clinical staff
  • Practical assessment and treatment algorithms for naturopathic doctors to enhance behavioral curriculum based on functional, integrative and metabolic medicine

Equip your team with the necessary clinical protocols to treat mental illness

Functional, integrative and metabolic psychiatry training available for:

  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer’s & Cognitive Decline
  • Anxiety & OCD
  • Anorexia Nervosa & Binge Eating Disorder
  • Depression & Suicide Prevention
  • Infections & Autoimmunity
  • Irritability, Aggression & Self-Injury
  • Ketogenic Diets for Mental Health
  • Low Dose Lithium
  • Antidepressant Withdrawal
  • Schizophrenia & Psychosis
  • Sleep, Hormones, Laughter Therapy & more!

Mental health care is shifting. Remain at the forefront of patient care with custom learning programs created specifically for your organization.

Contact education@psychiatryredefined.org today to learn more about creating a custom learning experience for your team.