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Join Claire Sehinson to discover the communication, sensory, neurological and perceptual differences for those with Autism and ADHD that lead to increased rates of mental illness – along with simple strategies to help the clinician communicate, advocate, and support Autistic and ADHD individuals.

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Claire Sehinson, MSC
  • Presenters: Claire Sehinson, MSc
  • Dates: September 25, 2023
  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording
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In this webinar with educator, researcher, functional medicine practitioner, and nutritional therapist, Claire Sehinson, MSc,  we will review the lived experience of Autistic and ADHD individuals and the communication, sensory, neurological and perceptual differences that lead to dramatically increased incidences of mental health disorders, suicidality, eating disorders, chronic pain, burnout and chronic fatigue.

Claire will present an introduction to two commonly co-occurring conditions: Alexithymia (known as emotional blindness) and sensory processing (Interoception differences) and how these lead to emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, substance misuse, as well as complex eating disorders such as ARFID (avoidant, restrictive food intake disorder). Snippets of case studies will be presented for context and to bring the theory to life.

Finally, we will look at some simple strategies to help the clinician communicate, advocate, and support Autistic and ADHD individuals in a neurodivergent, affirming way and reduce harm.

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About Claire Sehinson, MSc

Claire is a multiply neurodivergent nutritional therapist and educator with extensive clinical, personal and research experience in Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia. She brings to her work her own lived experience of neurodivergence and an understanding from the ‘inside out’ with a natural fascination with complex systems. Claire’s background is in Biomedicine, MSc in Personalised Nutrition and Functional medicine. She has a passion for clinical education and sharing knowledge with peers, patients and the community alike. She also specialises in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and chronic infections having over 8 years clinical experience at The Optimum Health Clinic where she is currently the Head of Research and recently created the 6 month Therapeutic Nutrition post-grad Training course for a CFS/ME specialism. Claire continues to research Diversity and Intersectionality in physical and mental health and her goal is to create more inclusive strategies and tools to support neurodivergent and other marginalised and diverse groups to achieve the best health and potential possible.

Let’s redefine mental wellness together.

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