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Learn about therapeutic approaches to higher brain states, and neurofeedback brainwave training to improve emotional and eating regulation.

  • Presenter: Alison Ross, LMFT
  • Webinar Date: September 2021
  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording
  • Registration: FREE (accessible for 90 days)
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Difficulty with self-regulation is a core problem for clients struggling with eating disorders. The problem is apparent in the client’s pervasive feelings of shame, compulsive thought patterns, relational difficulties, and the repetition of unwanted eating patterns. This webinar will focus primarily on how to utilize a top-down therapeutic approach based on Polyvagal theory.

Clinicians will be introduced to a playful intervention that invites clients into awareness of their eating disorder mindsets and behaviors as stress responses, falling into two categories: (1) the turtle (immobilization) – avoiding, disconnecting, self-medicating, (2) the hustler (mobilization) – people-pleasing, weight-watching, contriving a false self. They will also learn about higher brain responses represented by the zen master that involve staying connected to themselves and others, and operating with greater flexibility when stressed. Vignettes will illustrate how clients have utilized this concept to regulate their emotions and eating behavior more effectively.

The final part of the presentation will offer a quick glimpse into neurofeedback brainwave training. It is a bottom-up therapeutic technique that works with top-down therapies to unlock mobilization and immobilization patterns and increase the client’s access to higher brain states.

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