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Course Bundle Overview

Course Fee: $340

Presented by William Shaw, PhD, the founder of Great Plains Laboratory and a board-certified clinical chemist and toxicologist, these four courses will delve into the exciting field of biomedical analysis, and explore how objective laboratory testing for metabolic, nutritional, and toxic factors can help clinicians maximize therapeutic potentials in integrative functional medicine practice.


Course Descriptions

1. Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing will bridge symptomatic presentation and genetic variability by exploring single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that have been identified as influential in psychiatric susceptibility and pathogenesis, and examine how information gleaned from pharmacogenetic testing can be utilized to steer the course of individually-tailored treatment.

2. Heavy Metals

Heavy Metal Testing will examine the growing threat to human health posed by environmental pollution, the physiologic and neurologic sequelae of toxic metal exposure, and the options currently available to practitioners for the testing and quantification of toxic metal burden.

3. Mycotoxins

Mycotoxin Testing offers an in-depth look at the physical and neurologic ramifications of exposure to toxic fungal metabolites, and the variety of laboratory tests now available to clinicians for mycotoxin screening.

4. Organic Acids

Organic Acid Testing will explore biologic factors that can precipitate disruptions of intermediary metabolism, the pathologic ramifications of organic acidemia, and the clinical utility of organic acid testing in integrative functional medicine practice.

Dr Shaw is so smart and knowledgeable! Going over all the chemical reactions that affect methylation is no easy feat, and Dr Shaw breezes through them , while translating the processes for us and helping us understand these complex reactions. He makes our work so much easier, and allows us to apply this info immediately!

Juliana N.

Thorough, eye-opening, with practical applications.

Mark T.

Dr. Shaw is fantastic! Brilliant, clear and thorough.

Jennifer K.

Very informative!

Rebecca C.

Extremely good.

Francis A.

Excellent! I had no idea.

Ilya R.


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