Integrative Medicine for Anorexia:

The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan That Defeats Anorexia

By James Greenblatt, MD
  • Summary of the pervasiveness of Anorexia
  • Scientific links between Anorexia and mental health
  • Evidence of nutrition’s role in treating Anorexia
  • Integrative medical plan to nourish the brain
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An eating disorder that can inflict serious health problems and even death, Anorexia Nervosa strikes adolescents, women, and men from any walk of life. Conventional strategies for treating this debilitating disease, such as anti-depressant medications, are narrowly focused and rarely provide long-term benefits. As mainstream medicine continues to ignore the obvious relationship between nutrition and mental health, this book delivers life-saving information. Emerging research shows that because Anorexia is a complex disease rooted in the mind, and the brain is highly sensitive to the nutrition it receives, the correction of nutrient deficits is the key to successful and lasting recovery from Anorexia. Written by leading integrative psychiatrist and eating disorder expert Dr. James M. Greenblatt, Integrative Medicine for Anorexia is founded on solid research evidence that nutritional deficiencies play significant roles in the development and treatment of Anorexia. This book provides a comprehensive, integrative medical plan for nourishing the brain.

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