Integrative Medicine for Trichotillomania:

The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan That Defeats Trichotillomania Using Nutritional Lithium

By James Greenblatt, MD
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Trichotillomania-the practice of pulling out one’s own hair – is a serious medical problem that starts small but often represents a profound psychological problem.  Sadly, the well-meaning efforts of mental healthcare providers haven’t unlocked the key to this debilitating disease, and it’s time for a new solution.

Integrative Medicine for Trichotillomania provides a new way forward.  Instead of relying on prescription drugs – which are often both dangerous and ineffective – the integrative approach pioneered by Dr. James Greenblatt offers personal therapy supported by a foundation of nutrition, biochemistry, genetics, and environment.  It’s an approach that looks at the whole person, and seeks to treat the impulse to pull by first healing the brain and the body.

The goal is not to just “stop the pulling,” but through the use of nutritional supplements and probiotics bring the patient to a place of new hope and happiness and make the urge to pull nothing but a memory.

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