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Summer Care Strategies

for providers and patients

Join us this summer as we share functional treatment approaches based on some seasonal staples – sunshine & Vitamin D – to enhance patient care and provider wellness.

Warm weather, longer days, and lingering sunsets. We welcome summer and feel lucky to enjoy the opportunities it brings to slow down, rest and recharge.

Explore educational tools and strategies to help your patients struggling with mental illness – and find some practical strategies to improve your own self-care as a mental health provider.

Learn more in the following webinar:

Three Simple Steps to Healthier Sleep  |  A webinar with Stasha Gominak, MD

Another reason to enjoy some summer sunshine? It boosts immunity, microbiome health and massively improves sleep. Check out this webinar with Dr. Stasha Gominak on healthier sleep – and you guessed it, Vitamin D plays a major role.

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Read more about this tip:

Nutritional Risk Factors in Suicide: How Vitamin D Can Help  |  An article by James Greenblatt, MD

Enjoy some summer sunshine and soak up that Vitamin D while you can. Studies suggest that low sunshine exposure and vitamin D deficiency affect mood and immunity, and may be a major factor in suicide. Take a deep dive with us into the benefits of Vitamin D for suicide prevention in this article.

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Learn more about helping patients with OCD:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Redefined: An Integrative & Functional Medicine Approach to Treatment  |  A webinar with James Greenblatt, MD

Many patients suffering from anxiety or OCD can find relief with nutritional supplementation, such as Vitamin D. Join Dr. James Greenblatt to learn about the genetic, neurochemical, psychological, and environmental contributors of OCD, with a special focus on serotonin pathways. Discover evidence-based nutritional interventions and protocols you can use immediately with your patients.

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Read more about vitamins for sleep disorders:

Vitamins D & B Complex, and Sleep Disorders: New Research  |  An article by James Greenblatt, MD

Vitamin D deficiency has long been correlated with multiple health conditions. However, little attention has been paid to the links between vitamin D and sleep. Learn more about some initial discoveries regarding vitamin D, vitamin B complex, and sleep disorders.

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Read more  about patient biochemistry and immunity:

Understanding Our Patients’ Biochemical Individuality  |  An article by James Greenblatt, MD

Get your daily dose of sunshine! COVID-19 severity has been inversely related to vitamin D levels. Study authors note that vitamin-D binding protein plays a role in immune system activation and inflammation. Read more about the importance in providing personalized patient treatment – and avoiding COVID this summer.

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TIP: Get more functional protocols for antidepressant withdrawal:

Functional & Integrative Psychiatry for Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome  |  A FREE ebook by James Greenblatt, MD

Patients struggling with antidepressant withdrawal side effects need Vitamin D. In fact, the regulation of neurotransmitter synthesis by Vitamin D may be particularly relevant for serotonin function, and thus, mood. Learn more about managing medication withdrawal and side effects – and the key role Vitamin D plays in tapering – in our FREE ebook!

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