Integrative Medicine for Suicide Prevention:

The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan for Suicide Prevention Using Nutritional Lithium

By James Greenblatt, MD
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Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, suicide rates keep climbing.  More Americans are taking their own lives than ever before.  This growing crisis demands new solutions-and Integrative Medicine for Suicide Prevention provides them.

With his integrated approach focusing on nutrition, biochemistry, genetics, and environment, Dr. James Greenblatt shows the way to a new path to mental health.  It’s a biological approach that first looks at the whole person and seeks to reveal the fundamental imbalances and stressors that can lead someone to consider suicide.  It can also help identify who is at risk for suicide and why.

Through a step-by-step process of personalization, participation, prediction, and prevention, this book guides the healthcare professional to help bring the patient out of the darkness of suicide ideation and into the light of life.

Easy to read and rich with scientific studies and insights, Integrative Medicine for Suicide Prevention provides new hope for both patients and their families.

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