About Us

We Can Do Better 

It is no secret that the current symptomatic treatment model of mental illness is not supporting our patients in recovery or wellness.

The field of psychiatry has lagged far behind in understanding the value of integrative medicine in the treatment of mental illness. This lag has created a wedge between patients and their healthcare providers.

Psychiatry Redefined acts as a bridge between patients and their healthcare providers, family members, and caregivers, that widens the possibilities of treating and sustaining mental health.

Psychiatry Redefined is a vision for mental health professionals, patients, family, and caregivers.  

Psychiatry Redefined is dedicated to patients suffering from ineffective treatments, exhausted by their experience, and seeking more individualized care. 

Psychiatry Redefined helps clinicians:

  • Improve patient outcomes.
  • Implement objective diagnostic tools for personalized treatment plans.
  • Master the balance of information overload and understand the role of Functional Medicine and nutritional psychiatry.
  • Feel confident, proactive, and empowered to participate in the transformation of psychiatry. 

We Have To Do Better

                                             James Greenblatt, MD