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Functional Medicine for Addiction

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This 7-module course, co-taught by Dr. James Greenblatt and Dr. Arwen Podesta, delivers a comprehensive functional medicine approach to the treatment of substance use disorders, targeting reward-pathway dysregulation and the many nutritional deficiencies that can alter brain function. Mainstream and evidence-based functional approaches provide clinicians with a roadmap for navigating addiction disorders and bringing patients into balance.

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Functional & Integrative Medicine for Binge Eating Disorder

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This two-module course taught by Dr. James Greenblatt explores the clinical challenges of treating Binge-Eating Disorder and illuminates an evidence-based functional medicine model for treatment integrating lab testing, nutritional supplementation, dietary modifications, and medication, and individual biochemistry.

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Functional Medicine for Irritability, Anger & NSSI

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Join Dr. James Greenblatt as he explores the etiology and pathophysiology of chronic irritability, anger, & aggression, demonstrated by research to be prognostic of treatment outcomes and thus key targets of functional psychiatry interventions. This two-module course also examines non-suicidal self-injury, serious behavioral presentations often indicative of biochemical imbalances impacting brain function.

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