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Education to empower and support patient care, where care begins.

We are experiencing a crisis of care. Patients are not getting better with traditional mental health care, and more and more are requesting non-medication options to help them find relief. Worse yet, busy primary care nurse practitioners (NPs) are increasingly faced with treating the challenges of mental illness without the adequate time or treatment tools.

It’s time we employ a better approach – an approach that delivers lasting wellness and whole-body recovery. A psychiatric approach to mental illness that supports practitioners of all types in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. With functional and integrative medicine, we can all do better.

Led by renowned psychiatrist, Dr. James Greenblatt, our online curriculum in integrative and functional medicine will provide you with framework to address the complexities of mental illness in a primary care or mental health care setting.

Our special summer nurse practitioner program is closed. Please stay tuned for details on our next training!

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“Psychiatry Redefined has provided me with the ability and confidence to offer person-centered care to my patients. With the functional medicine approach that I honed, I now feel that I can more completely meet my patient’s needs…it has made me a more confident provider and I know my clients have appreciated the results.”
– Rachel Egan, NP

“I have many patients who have successfully transitioned off pharmaceuticals and some who never needed a pharmaceutical. It takes a detective archetype to do this work but it is very gratifying. I highly recommend this for anyone who isn’t afraid to move beyond the basic formulas and treat the entire patient.”
– Denise Drake, PMHNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner Educational Program (Summer Session)

This mental health educational program is ideal for nurse practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians in primary care or mental health care. You’ll learn protocols for ADHD, anxiety, depression and suicide directly from renowned author, expert and psychiatrist, Dr. James Greenblatt, who boasts over three decades of experience treating mental illness. You’ll acquire essential clinical protocols that you can implement immediately with your patients at the primary care level. Our online courses are convenient, accredited, and accessible – built for the busy practitioner, so you can study at your own pace, from any device.

Bundle Fee: $395

Upcoming Training Details Coming Soon

This program includes the following:

Live group supervisions with

Dr. James Greenblatt

Join Dr. James Greenblatt for three live, dedicated group discussions where you can discuss real patient cases, ask questions about diagnoses and treatments, review curriculum, and examine the finer details of clinical protocols and testing methodologies. All supervisions are recorded, so if you miss a live discussion, you can watch the video on your own time.

Supervision Dates:
Tuesday, June 20th at 8pm EST  |  Tuesday, July 11th at 8pm EST  |  Tuesday, July 25th at 8pm EST

Introduction to Functional Medicine for

Anxiety & Depression

This introductory webinar explores integrative and nutritional factors for the treatment of depression and anxiety, and introduces evidence-based interventions focused on nutritional imbalances, inflammation, gut health, and more. Dr. Greenblatt shares 35 years of clinical insight and recommendations on how to proceed with treating depression and anxiety from a functional medicine approach. This webinar course provides an overview of concepts, and also serves as a helpful precursor to the popular and more comprehensive courses listed below.

Functional & Integrative Medicine for


CME Credits: 4.0

This three-module course introduces Dr. Greenblatt’s breakthrough Plus/Minus treatment plan for ADHD patients, while also providing a comprehensive overview of the biochemistry that contributes to this disorder. Treatment strategies such as specific nutrient deficiencies will be discussed in-depth as a supplement or alternative to medication.

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Functional & Integrative Medicine for


CME Credits: 5.0

In this four-module course Dr. Greenblatt provides a functional and integrative medical approach to anxiety that moves away from traditional symptom classification and polypharmaceutical approaches. Learn protocols for patient testing and specific nutritional interventions to address anxiogenic physiology, as well as other integrative treatments—exercise, yoga, and herbal supplements—to enhance patient care and outcomes.

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Functional & Integrative Medicine for


CME Credits: 5.0

Over four modules, you will become adept in identifying and assessing the biologic abnormalities—nutritional, genetic, metabolic, and environmental factors—that underlie the diagnosis of depression in numerous patients. Employing a model of functional medicine, discover diagnostic tests to run on patients, the role key nutrients play in maintaining neurologic health, and biologic treatment protocols that can be easily incorporated into care.

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Biological Models for

Suicide Prevention

Developed in collaboration with the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, this course plumbs the underlying biochemical, nutritional, genetic, and environmental factors that lead to a diagnosis of suicidality. Research illustrating the benefits of nutritional supplementation to mitigate risk factors will be presented, along with evidence-based interventions and a biochemical individualized treatment approach.

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Stay Tuned for Future Trainings

Ready to apply functional medicine protocols in your practice? Check out our 12-month Fellowship in Functional & Integrative Psychiatry!

Built for the busy mental health professional, the Psychiatry Redefined Fellowship is the most comprehensive, cost-effective and scientifically based program available. Discover approaches to finally deliver healing and relief to your patients. Listen below to our fellow, Annie Grummel Ward, PMHNP, share her experience in the Fellowship.

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