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Eager to learn how functional medicine and integrative psychiatric approaches can help your pediatric patients struggling with anxiety? Join James Greenblatt, MD, for a presentation on anxiety treatment models for children and teens, along with a live attendee Q&A session to review the topic and related functional training programs.

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James Greenblatt MD
  • Presenters: James Greenblatt, MD
  • Dates: Sunday, October 15th at 7:00 pm EST
  • Format: 45min live webinar
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A pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, James M. Greenblatt, MD, has treated patients since 1988. An acknowledged integrative medicine expert, educator, and author, Dr. Greenblatt has lectured internationally on the scientific evidence for nutritional interventions in psychiatry and mental illness. Through three decades of practice and research, Dr. Greenblatt is a leading international contributor in helping physicians and patients understand the role of personalized and whole-person medicine for mental illness.

Join Dr. Greenblatt for a brief presentation on the importance of functional and integrative medicine for mental health, with a special focus on treating anxiety in children and adolescents. He will then open up the floor for questions about these topics (attendees can unmute and share their videos). He will also briefly review and answer questions about our upcoming functional trainings for mental health providers, including our Intro to Functional Psychiatry for Child & Adolescent Mental Health Training, which starts Oct. 24th, and our comprehensive flagship program, the Fellowship in Functional & Integrative Psychiatry program, which starts in January 2024 and is now open for enrollment.

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