Learn about critical targets for testing and treatment, clinical implications of kryptopyrrole-associated deficiencies, how to order and interpret quantitative kryptopyrrole (HPL) testing, and guidelines for personalized treatment for psychiatric disorders.

  • Presenter: James Greenblatt, MD

  • Recording Date: October 26, 2021

  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording

  • Registration: FREE (accessible for 90 days)

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Kryptopyrrole (pyroluria) is a condition diagnosed by the presence of a specific pyrrole (2-hydroxyhemopyrrolene-5-one, or HPL) in the urine. Excess quantities of this pyrrole bind the essential micronutrients vitamin B6 and zinc, leading to their depletion from the body and often, the worsening of many mental health conditions.

In this webinar, Dr. Greenblatt will pull back the curtain on kryptopyrrole, discussing critical targets for testing and treatment. He will also present the clinical implications of kryptopyrrole-associated zinc and vitamin B6 deficiencies, explain how to order and interpret quantitative kryptopyrrole (HPL) testing, and provide guidelines for personalized treatment with supplemental zinc and vitamin B6.  Attendees will come away with information about one of the most useful and overlooked tests for patients with various symptoms of psychiatric disorders.

This webinar is sponsored by DHA Laboratory.

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