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*30-Day Free Subscription Trial Cancellation Policy

Our learning dashboard will ask for your payment information, but no additional charges will be made to your card via this platform until your free access period expires in 30 days. Your 30-day free trial begins at the time of enrollment in the Subscription Program (in our learning dashboard system) using the listed free access coupon. At the end of 30 days, access to the monthly Course Subscription will continue at a monthly rate of $475. (Alternatively, you may sign-up for 6-month access for $250/month or 12-month access of $200/month.) If you wish to discontinue your monthly access entirely, please visit your student dashboard. Under your My Account settings, you will see an option for Billing, where you may cancel your subscription. If you were charged after your expiration date and do not wish to continue your subscription, please email education@psychiatryredefined.org, and we can refund any unnecessary charge and discontinue your ongoing subscription in our system.