Learn the basics of how to integrate lab testing, nutritional supplementation, dietary modifications, and medication to address the imbalances of BED.

  • Presenter: James Greenblatt, MD

  • Format: 1 hr webinar recording

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Webinar Overview
Recording Date: March 2021

Scientific research shows that the majority of current treatment models Binge-Eating Disorder often fail to comprehensively address etiologic factors. Therapeutic paradigms that focus solely on psychological contributors exclude potentially significant biologic factors. Studies have revealed that Binge-Eating Disorder is often correlated with metabolic abnormalities, dyslipidemia, micronutrient imbalances, satiety signaling, neurotransmission, affective regulation, and systemic inflammation, all of which can influence mood and behavior.

In this webinar, Dr. Greenblatt will discuss simple, practical interventions as part of a functional medicine approach to Binge-Eating Disorder. The New Hope model integrates lab testing, nutritional supplementation, dietary modifications, and medication, and targets biochemical pathways that regulate appetite, allowing clinicians to address imbalances that perpetuate hunger and cravings.

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