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The PR Functional Psychiatry Fellowship

The Psychiatry Redefined (PR) Functional Psychiatry Fellowship provides the most scientific, comprehensive and convenient education in nutritional psychiatry and functional medicine. Fellowship curriculum and instruction are designed to help busy clinicians and health professionals apply functional medicine approaches in their practice. Through expert mentorship and training, you’ll learn how to move beyond symptom suppression and management, treat the root causes of mental illness, and create scientifically-informed treatment plans unique to each patient’s biology.

  • 100+ hours of educational content
  • 2-year access to the PR learning dashboard
  • Twice-monthly Group Supervisions (discussions)
  • 1:1 faculty mentoring sessions
  • 2-year membership in private PR Listserv
  • Complimentary access to any PR conference event during the two-year Fellowship term
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What Our Fellows Say

It’s been amazing to have live access to Dr. Greenblatt twice per month and throughout the month by email. It makes such a difference to review tough case questions and functional labs together. There’s nothing else out there like this, with total emphasis on the real-life clinical applications of functional medicine for mental health. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist with a focus on nutrition for mental health, it means a lot to me to have this kind of support from a seasoned expert.

– Jill Sheppard Davenport, MS, MPP, CNS, LDN

The Psychiatry Redefined Functional Psychiatry Fellowship provided the structure and resources to strengthen the foundation for my evidence-based integrative psychiatry practice. After obtaining certifications in integrative medicine and clinical nutrition and completing several additional trainings, I was able to refine my skills and apply my knowledge most directly to the treatment of psychiatric disorders through the fellowship. The format of the fellowship allowed me to easily attend the lectures and group supervisions while still attending to my clinical practice. Dr. Greenblatt is readily available to the fellows and is genuinely invested in the training; I greatly appreciated his steady presence throughout the fellowship and his ongoing generous mentorship.

– Marisa Serrato, MD (Psychiatrist), FAPA, ABIHM, CCN

Psychiatry Redefined has provided the essential teaching and scaffolding I need to provide functional psychiatric assessment and treatment to the care of my patients. This program places a high priority on providing training that is evidence-based and clinically supported, combined with easily accessible ongoing supervision and mentorship. I highly recommend the Fellowship training for mental health practitioners that are interested in providing integrative psychiatric care!

– Gabrielle Taylor, MD (psychiatrist)

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A therapeutic alliance centered around symptom-based polypharmacy is shallow, and breeds compassion-fatigue and burnout. A personalized medicine approach in psychiatry is collaborative and transformative.

~ James Greenblatt, MD
Orthomolecular Hall of Fame Inductee, Author & Founder of Psychiatry Redefined