Integrative Medicine for Depression:

The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan That Defeats Depression

By James Greenblatt, MD
  • The biological mechanisms that drive depression

  • Why previous treatments may have failed

  • Economical approaches to help regulate depression symptoms

  • Way to minimize the side effects of antidepressants

  • Strategies for a personal nutritional supplement program

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A disease that has long plagued humankind, depression is debilitating. Despite the frequency with which they’re prescribed, drugs alone don’t always provide relief, and often have side effects that limit effectiveness.

There’s new hope for treatment, as emerging evidence suggests depression can be triggered by biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. In the newly updated edition of Integrative Medicine for Depression, mental health expert Dr. James M. Greenblatt emphasizes the treatment of depression using an integrative regimen that first seeks to understand the whole person. This book offers fresh new possibilities for those who suffer from depression. Incorporating decades of research and treatment in this groundbreaking work.

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From Kirkus Reviews

  • “A scientifically scrupulous and impressively accessible introduction to integrative psychiatry.”

From the Foreword Clarion Review

  • “The book’s patient-centered approach is appealing, and its accessible style and natural language make it easy to absorb”
  • “The book’s basis in traditional psychiatry gives it conceptual stability, and it draws upon Greenblatt’s medical expertise in a reassuring way”
  • “Integrative Medicine for Depression is an accessible and informative medical book for popular audiences.”