Learn how to target and treat the root causes of mental illness with functional psychiatry.

Psychiatry Redefined provides mental health professionals training in functional and integrative psychiatry for mental illness. We offer clinician-led courses, online training programs, free webinars, and resources to help professionals treat the root cause of psychiatric disorders, and utilize personalized medicine protocols with their patients.
  • 30+ online courses in functional and integrative psychiatry
  • Over 125 hours of educational curriculum
  • 60+ CME credits
  • Free monthly webinars
  • Online training programs with direct mentorship
  • Comprehensive Fellowship in Functional Psychiatry
  • Educational conferences and symposiums
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Functional Medicine for Psychiatry Conference

A Patient-Centered Approach to Mental Health Care

September 10, 2022  |  An online event

Don’t miss this in-depth, one-day event to help you understand and utilize a functional, patient-centric model of care, providing a new model of hope and recovery for your patients. Learn how to assess and balance the unique biological, genetic, and environmental factors associated with mental illness to create personalized treatment plans. Learn more about this event.

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It’s time to expand how we provide psychiatric care. Mental health professionals deserve better diagnostic and treatment tools. Our patients deserve better care and hope for recovery.

We can do better.

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