Learn how to target and treat the root causes of mental illness with functional psychiatry.

Psychiatry Redefined is an educational platform offering mental health professionals training in functional and integrative psychiatry for mental illness. We provide comprehensive, clinician-led courses, online trainings for professionals, free webinars, and resources to help professionals treat the root cause of psychiatric disorders, and utilize personalized medicine protocols in their practice.

Explore courses and trainings in ADHD, Anger & Irritability, Anorexia Nervosa, Anxiety, Dementia, Depression, Medication Side Effects, Suicide Prevention and more!

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Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship

The most scientific, comprehensive and convenient education in nutritional psychiatry and functional medicine

Over this year-long, online training, you’ll learn how to move beyond symptom suppression and management, treat the root causes of mental illness, and create scientifically-informed treatment plans customized for each patient’s biology. Unique to the PR Fellowship, this self-paced training program offers clinically-relevant tools, along with 1:1 mentorship and guidance to safely and effectively implement these tools in your practice.

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Access all PR courses (30+), gain CME credit (60hrs+) and learn groundbreaking strategies in integrative psychiatry and functional medicine. Self-paced, affordable and accessible from anywhere. Plus, new courses added regularly!

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Functional Medicine for Psychiatry Conference

A Patient-Centered Approach to Mental Health Care

September 10, 2022  |  An online event

Don’t miss this in-depth, one-day event to help you understand and utilize a functional, patient-centric model of care in your practice, providing a new model of hope and recovery for patients. Learn how to assess and balance the unique biological, genetic, and environmental factors associated with mental illness to create personalized treatment plans for your patients. Learn more about this event.

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