Learn how to target and treat the root causes of mental illness with functional psychiatry.

Psychiatry Redefined offeres mental health professionals continuing online training in functional, nutritional and integrative psychiatry for mental illness. We provide clinician-led courses, online programs for professionals, and resources to help you treat root causes and help your patients find lasting relief. We offer education for ADHD, Anger & Irritability, Anorexia Nervosa, Anxiety, Dementia, Depression, Medication Side Effects, Suicide Prevention and more!

Let’s redefine mental health care together.

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Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship

Stay on the cutting edge of mental health care and enroll in the most scientific and convenient Fellowship in nutritional psychiatry and functional medicine available.

Over this year-long, online training, you’ll learn how to move beyond symptom suppression and management, treat the root causes of mental illness, and create scientifically-informed treatment plans customized for each patient’s biology. Unique to the PR Fellowship, this self-paced training program offers clinically-relevant tools, along with 1:1 mentorship and guidance to safely and effectively implement these tools in your practice.

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Introduction to Functional & Integrative Psychiatry Online Training

Expand your clinical skill set and discover basic functional concepts and protocols for the treatment of ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Blending evidence-based research with invaluable clinical pearls, this program features foundational courses in functional, nutritional and integrative psychiatry. With direct guidance from Dr. James Greenblatt, this training will help you move beyond outdated models of psychiatric polypharmacy and symptom management, improve patient wellness by treating their root causes, and deliver lasting relief. Plus, enroll now and save $500 on Fellowship registration!

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It’s time to expand how we provide psychiatric care. Mental health professionals deserve better diagnostic and treatment tools. Our patients deserve better care and hope for recovery.

We can do better.

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